I have to wonder...and I'm also hoping!

Will Fresh decide to make more Total Drama Aftermath episodes in the later seasons or in the Ridonculous Race?  So far they've only had those in Total Drama Action and World Tour, aka the only current two seasons that didn't take place on an island.  Well, except that one episode in Total Drama Island Haute Camp-ture, which I also really liked.

Of course watching the actual show is good, but I liked to see the contestants who got eliminated either interact with each other and share their thoughts, or be in a talk show.  Either works.

I also have to wonder, who would the new hosts of the Aftermaths be if Fresh considers this?  Will it still be Geoff and Bridgette or some differents chararacters?  I have a list of ideas and/or suggestions

Heather and Alejandro

Scott and Courtney

Mike and Zoey

Shawn and Jasmine

and finally, now this one may seem the most unlikely..... Topher and Blaineley!

So, what do you think?

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