Okay so, I'm not really calling this a fanfiction, because, I really have no story or challenge ideas. But I just wanted to share my idea of a cast of characters I came up with.  I haven't drawn their designs, but I plan to put them in their descriptions soon, as well as their overall character.  I hope you like them.

Trina "The Fashionista"- she is tall thin and tanned girl who is very fashionable (wearing a different outfit every episode she appears in).  She is also spoiled rotten, trying to upstage everyone and be the center of attention.  She uses this trait in the competition, playing mind games and sabotaging people.

Quincy "The Tutor"- he's a tall pudgy guy who's considered cool and the voice of reason to people.  He's quite smart and helpful to anyone who needs a talk, almost like a mentor.

Teddy "The Patroness"- she's a blonde cute girl with a big ponytail.  She likes to spend most of her time doing charity work, such as donating and volunteering so for many activities to name.  And through all of that work she aquired many different skills and talents.

Jayden "The Aspie"- he's a short and quiet guy who's often afraid to speak his mind.  He has a bit of trouble when it comes to social interaction and being around other people.  He'll try to follow what everyone else is doing in order to fit in and be a team player.  He also tends to get anxious and nervous when around girls.  Though he is knowledgeable he would be afraid to speak up, thinking he would be embarrased.

Mabel "The Show Off"

Seamus "The Deadly Creep"

Kristy "The Anti-Chris"- she is a pretty yet irritable girl, but is kind to people she considers cool.  She truly despises Chris Mclean, and is not afraid to outright insult, hurt or even steal from him.  She has a lot of knowledge of Total Drama and sometimes be one step ahead of Chris and know that he's planning tricks or rigging anything.  She also has a big plan to ensue during her time on the show.

Harry "The Level-10 Magician"- he is well known as a professional magician outside the show, and believes he could win using the power of his magic.  He's able to perform the impossible, making stuff disappear and reappear, even make the most cliche tricks look amazing like pulling a rabbit out of his hat.  Chris would often get annoyed with his magic as sometimes it would spoil "the fun".

Wacky "The Punny Clown"

Isabel "The Elizabethan Speaker"

Arthur "The Sleuth"

Martin "The Inventor"

Clover "The Danger-Prone Optimist"

Ron "The Daredevil"

Indy "The Treasure Hunter"

Team A: Jay, Teddy, Quincy, Violet, Seamus, Clover, Indy, Mabel

Team B: Harry, Trina, Ron, Wacky, Isabel, Martin, Arthur, Kristy

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