This is like my alternate ending for the episode A Blast from the Past. Enjoy.  It starts when Samey and Sugar currently competing and Amy emerges from the water all green and start to fight Samey on the platform.

Amy: You'll pay for this Samey! You have the nerve to trick everyone into thinking you're me!

Samey: Well I probably wouldn't have had to do that if you didn't always treat me like I'm another lesser you!  Which I'm not, I'm my own person Amy!

Amy: What? (Lets go of Samey)

Samey: All my life Amy you've treated me like dirt and second fiddle just because we're twins.  You take credit for things I do, you always try to upstage me in school, practically everyone treats like I'm nobody when your around. (Starts tearing up) The only reason I came on this show was so I can make something of myself not feel so small next to you.  And then everyone would quit calling me....(sniffles)...... Samey.

Amy: (widens her eyes, looking down) Whoa geez... I'm sorry Same.... (Looks up at Samey) I mean Sammy.  I'm sorry, Sammy.  The truth is... I've been like this because, when you were born I thought, you were gonna be like this to me.

Sammy: Oh come on Amy, I would never do that to you. (Smiles) You're my sister.

Amy: (Smiles) Oh, I'm so sorry Sammy (gives her a hug) I promise I'll never treat you like that again! I love you!

Sammy: I love you too!

The End

So what do you think? Leave your opinions in the comments.

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