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    Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race Season 2

    New Contestants:

    Rachel and Milo (Acquaintances) - They're both next-door neighbors who see each other from time to time but don't hang out a lot.  They hardly know anything about each other.  They both happened to sign up for the show and decided "why not be partners?"  Rachel is a sweet and carefree kind of girl but can be shy at times.  Milo is a jokester who loves to dole out puns even at the most inappropriate times.  Both are 18.

    Calvin and Tim (Grandfather and Grandson) - Calvin doesn't believe he's hit old age yet, and tries whatever it takes to make him appear young, sometimes to the chagrin to Tim and himself.  He can be rather stubborn especially when he's called out for being old.  Tim is …

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    Other Parodies

    October 26, 2015 by CartoonBoyification1

    I've been thinking for a while.  Since Fresh TV has parodied two reality shows, "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race".  What if they decide to parody more?  I know many other reality shows have been mentioned within the show itself.  But still, what if they went somewhere with those? Or others like the ones listed here; and my opinions on who could compete for each:

    • "Big Brother"
    Owen, Lindsay, Beth, Dawn, Sam, Scott, B, Shawn, Leonard, Sugar, Max
    • "Top Chef"
    DJ, Chef Hatchet, Geoff, Courtney, Rodney, Ella
    • "Next Top Model"
    Lindsay, Heather, Zoey, Anne Maria, Dakota, Amy, Samey, Taylor, Leshawna
    • "The Bachelor/Bachelorette"
    Bachelor: Courtney, Gwen, Anne Maria, Sugar, Ella, Izzy, Eva, Lindsay
    Bachelorette: Trent, Justin, DJ, Cody, Harold, Lightning, B, S…
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    The twins' plot in Total Drama was one to remember...... or forget.  That is, if it ended properly.

    It starts with Samey auditioning for Total Drama to get away from her horrid sister Amy.  Amy auditions only because Samey did.  Also just to outshine her and make her life miserable like she does at home.

    While in the competition, she is forced to be called a degrading nickname Amy has always called her.  Samey starts to bond with Jasmine, which gets her to thinking she needs to stand up for herself.  But Amy manipulates everyone to sympathize with her and lash at Samey.  Samey then comes up with a devious idea to poison Amy and have her be eliminated in Samey's place.  Her plan was successful, or was it?  Because she did that, she gets to he…

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    Okay so, I'm not really calling this a fanfiction, because, I really have no story or challenge ideas. But I just wanted to share my idea of a cast of characters I came up with.  I haven't drawn their designs, but I plan to put them in their descriptions soon, as well as their overall character.  I hope you like them.

    Trina "The Fashionista"- she is tall thin and tanned girl who is very fashionable (wearing a different outfit every episode she appears in).  She is also spoiled rotten, trying to upstage everyone and be the center of attention.  She uses this trait in the competition, playing mind games and sabotaging people.

    Quincy "The Tutor"- he's a tall pudgy guy who's considered cool and the voice of reason to people.  He's quite smart an…

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    I am currently coming up with ideas for labels and personalites for new characters.  I haven't come up with any names for the characters yet, but I will put down the labels and a description for like how they are or how they would play for each of them.  If anyone else comes up with any more, I'll add them to the list.

    The Expert Magician- This character is well known as a professional magician outside the show, and believes he could win using the power of his magic.  He's able to perform the impossible, making stuff disappear and reappear, even make the most cliche tricks look amazing like pulling a rabbit out of his hat.

    The Recluse- This character chooses spends most his time alone in solitude.  His parents want him to spend time out of …

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