Welcome to Spooky Crunch.

It's freaky October, and Halloween is just around the corner. Spooky Crunch would like to celebrate this scary month with a thirty-one day scary picture theme.

Every week until the start of November, we'll post a chilling image that you'll have to caption. Despite this exciting change, the rules remain the same.

  • Do not create more than one caption per blog.
  • Do not duplicate another user's caption.
  • Do not edit your caption after you have published it, unless you are fixing an error or typo.
  • Follow the wiki's guidelines when posting a comment.
  • Make sure you have a userpage; otherwise, you cannot submit a caption.
  • Use the {{Like}} template to vote.

LAST WEEK'S BEST CAPTION: Brickster U: Who sits angrily on rocks under the sea? Izzy PsychoPants!