Runaway Model (38)

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Welcome back to Caption Crunch.

It's the first week of June, and everyone seems to be stoked for summer. To kick off this sunny season, TDIFan13 has launched a new activity, Wiki Wars, which has a very similar format to Caption Crunch.

This week, users cannot submit a caption unless they have voted in this week's Wiki Wars blog first. Make sure you read the game's rules before commenting, and read our Caption Crunch rules before making a caption.

  • Do not create more than one caption per blog.
  • Do not duplicate another user's caption.
  • Do not edit your caption after you have published it, unless you are fixing an error or typo.
  • Follow the wiki's guidelines when posting a comment.
  • Make sure you have a userpage; otherwise, you cannot submit a caption.
  • Use the {{Like}} template to vote.