Mike and zoey by hatsune iku-d4louhg

Caption this image for a chance to win.

Welcome to Yap, Yap, Yaption Crunch.

This special week is all about voice. As we all know, speaking is an amazing gift that the human race has been blessed with.

Unfortunately, some people abuse this privilege and go on, and on, and on, just like everyone's favorite Total Drama: Revenge of the Island chatterbox, Staci.

This week, the caption submitted has to come from Staci, and must be a ridiculous lie.

Make sure you read our rules first before commenting, though. Have fun yapping and captioning.

  • Do not create more than one caption per blog.
  • Do not duplicate another user's caption.
  • Do not edit your caption after you have published it, unless you are fixing an error or typo.
  • Follow the wiki's guidelines when posting a comment.
  • Make sure you have a userpage; otherwise, you cannot submit a caption.
  • Use the {{Like}} template to vote.

LAST WEEK'S BEST CAPTION: AwesomeTD: This love triangle just became a love pyramid.

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