Caption this image for a chance to win.

Welcome back to Craption Crunch.

As today is April Fools Day, Craption Crunch will be taking over, which means instead of voting for your favorite comment, you'll vote for the cheesiest, junkiest caption you can find.

Don't be mean-spirited, though; it's all for fun. Today's image was suggested to us by MilaYin, who managed to pick out one of the funniest images on the wiki. Have fun captioning, and remember that if you have any suggestions for future images, let TDIFan13 know.

  • Do not create more than one caption per blog.
  • Do not duplicate another user's caption.
  • Do not edit your caption after you have published it, unless you are fixing an error or typo.
  • Follow the wiki's guidelines when posting a comment.
  • Make sure you have a userpage; otherwise, you cannot submit a caption.
  • Use the {{Like}} template to vote.

LAST WEEK'S BEST CAPTION: MightyMewtron: Everyone is dancing in celebration of Duncan and Gwen's intimate moment, except Eva, a loyal Gwen and Trent fan.