• Callie13

    OMTDI (Oh My TDI!!)

    January 21, 2010 by Callie13

    GUYS....So important!! Okay so I read Tom Mcgillis and Mark Thorton's blog and they wrote that they ARE ALMOST DONE WITH TDM!! EEEEEEEE! And even more important.....TDM IS NOT THE LAST SEASON!! THEY ARE MAKING A SEASON 4!!! However,they do not know when it will air,so on that part we will just have to chill out and wait!


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  • Callie13

    What a year!

    December 30, 2009 by Callie13

     As 2009 comes to an end this week,I want us all to look back on what a big year this was for Total Drama Action.From June to December (Or,in Canada's case,January from December),Total Drama Action kept us entertained and it's drama was not lacking! From Trent and Gwen's emotional breakup to Courtney's shocking return to the game,TDA was a very dramatic season.I want to call 2009,in homage to TDA's winner,The Year Of The Green Mohawk! The tie between Beth and Duncan shocked fans everywhere but when it came to a fan fave,we all had a feeling Duncan would be the winner,but Beth fans pursued,asking everyone to vote for her,but it just was not enough.So now as 2010 comes,we all just cannot help but think:With two new players coming to TDTM,wil…

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