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  • Cabbage pult 74

    Hi! Some weeks ago, I saw some vídeos of this. Some songs are wrong or they doesn't fit to me. I will put here the songs that can fit for everyone. ALSO, I will put the songs that some users posted here.

    Ezekiel: Canadian Idiot, of Weird Al Yankovic. Isn't Obvious?

    Eva: Rude, of Magic!  She is rude and mean to everyone.

    Noah: Paradise, by Coldplay. A song about happiness, which Noah doesn't have. Sarcasm.

    Justin: I'm Sexy and I Know It, by LMFAO. He isn't that cute, but the girls in TDA though that.

    Katie and Sadie: Idiot Friends, by SpongeBob. They aren't the best characters.

    Tyler: Play Hard, by David Guetta. He tries to give his best, but always fails.

    Izzy: She is a Maniac, by Flashdance. Perfect song for her.

    Cody: Cool Kids, by Echosmith. He…

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  • Cabbage pult 74

    My Season 7 idea.

    October 27, 2014 by Cabbage pult 74

    I put my idea here:!

    And I want to finish it.


    Maniac Sharks: Scarlett, B, Leshawna, Gwen*, Samey, Jasmine, Noah, Cody*, DJ, Lindsay, Harold.

    Phsycothic Wolfs: Izzy (perfect team for her), Dawn*, Shawn*, Max, Jo, Scott, Ella, Alejandro, Brick, Heather, Tyler.

    Main antagonist: Heather and Scarlett.

    Elimination order before the merge: DJ, Max, Scott, Alejandro, Izzy, B, Leshawna, Harold, Shawn, Jo, Brick, Gwen, Scarlett, Heather.

    Elimination order after the merge: Ella, Cody, Izzy, Noah, Tyler, Samey.

    Finale: Lindsay vs Dawn vs Jasmine.


    1.The Ghosts from the Past.

    Challenge: Run on an obstacle course and get to your shelter.

    Winner: Tyle…

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