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    Blog:4 Hi guys today I just wanted to say my top 3 characters :D 3.Lindsay She is really funny and suppost to be dumb she makes me laugh. 2.Cody He is a really funny nerd that tries to be cool and it is so funny with him in Sierra I was hoping for him to win TDWT but stupid Alejandro ruins it I still could not believe they did not make him win. 1!.DUNCAN!!! He is so funny I love how he just fights and Is really mean to Harold and him with Courtney and gwen I was so excited when he won TDA! Anyway I just decided to make a short blog please comment your opinions in the comment section below AND Plz Dont comment NO HE/SHE IS Best its called opinion so please dont do that any way please comment and see you guys next time! :D

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