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    Fast Food: Davy Izzy Lindsay Jo Dawn Johnathan

    Breakfast Burritos: Scott Courtney Cody Mandy Max Jessica Tyler Viviana

    Out: Laszlo Finn Jamie Silena Sean

    Chris is in the elimination area

    Chris:"Previously on Total Drama Fans Vs. Favorites It was time to visit the location of one of my favorite challenges EVER the London challenge from Season 3. There the Fast Food team was tired of Davy's annoying attitude but since Mandy rigged Silena out of the game her closest ally on the other team was eliminated witch just happened to be Sean. Bummer dude. Now as the final 15 battle for control people will show their cards right here on Total Drama Fans vs. Favorites"

    The intro plays

    Jessica walks into the Fast Food cabin

    Jessica: "Hi Dawn"

    Dawn: "Jessica how…

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    Okay My OC story Total Drama Fans vs. Favorites is currently on a hiatus but a new episode wil come out tomorrow.

    Please fill this survey out it really will mean alot to me.

    Other than that thats all i wanted to tell you about but I have to make more sentences. So just say in the comments how you are doing today and if you awnsered the survey. I hope this survey will say a lot about this series.

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    The episode opens with the aftermath intro featuring Laszlo,Finn,Jamie,Silena, and most recent boot Sean.

    (The regular intro plays)

    Announcer:"Comming at you live right from TD studios in The Abandon Film lot it's Total Drama Aftermath "

    (Cut to the crowd clapping)

    Announcer:"Now welcome your tow new hosts Alejandro and Heather!"

    Alejandro: "Hello people of the world I am Alejandro finalist of Total Drama World Tour and contestant of Total Drama All Stars"

    Heather: "And I am Heather contestant on Total Drama Island,Action, and All Stars and was a finalist of Total Drama World tour"

    Blaineley: "I am…"

    Alejandro pushes Blaineley off the stage

    Heather:"This season has been an exiting one right Alejandro "

    Alejandro: "Yep I have seen very good moves fro…

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    Chris pops out behind the now back up and operating ride of shame"previously on Total Drama I decided to switch things up make a tribe swap. The Fast Food team and The Breakfast Burritos battled it for the win in the end Tyler won for the Burritos and somehow fashion protector Silena went home for insulting Mandy's outfit now it is time that we go back to London for this week All this right now on Total Drama Fans vs Favorites"

    (The intro plays)

    Confessional: Mandy

    Yes I rigged the votes and Silena went Home! Now I need two un smart people on the other tribe to do my bidding ha

    Mandy walks into the Fast Food's cave and gravy Sean and Davy then tells them "Okay if you tow work with me to get the people I don't like out I will bring you two to t…

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    Chris is standing on top of the Hotel and says “Previously on Total Drama Our contestants competed for invisibility because two would be going home in the end Izzy and Viviana won invincibility and The Gambler Finn and the Jeweler Jamie went home Who will be given the boot tonight find out right now on Total Drama FAns vs FAvorites”

    (The Intro plays.)

    Jessica is still looking for the bracelet that Jamie gave her

    Confessional; Jessica

    “Yeah this means a lot to me”

    At the same time Mandy is walking to get some food when all of a sudden Silena runs to her “Mandy your outfit is worse than Courtney’s you should come with me and get a makeover EEEEEEE”

    Confessional: Mandy


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