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Over the last few days I've been scoping around the wiki and eventually DeviantArt looking for character rankings to see how each character ranked amongst the fanbase, since, in my opinion, basing it only off of who has the most appearances at #1 and last can be iffy. In the end, I ended up finding around 155 full rankings involving the original contestants and around 120 full ones for the Revenge of the Island contestants, and added a few rankings that only listed the favorite and least favorite that I found on DeviantArt to try and increase the number. I was going to keep going since 150 isn't exactly an absolute average, but since Pahkitew Island is airing tomorrow, I might as well share what I found.

Note that some of these contestants were very close in rankings and may have shifted a place if I got a few more. They also have a little description based off what I saw (they may be a bit off though :/)

Be warned that this is extremely long too... it took me like 2 to 3 hours to type.

Original Contestants Edit

25. SadieEdit


Average Rank: 19.6688

Unsurprisingly, Sadie managed to be the least popular out of all the original contestants, which is probably why we haven't seen her competing ever since the days of Total Drama Island. Along with in general being regarded as an annoying contestant that does nothing except fawn over guys alongside Katie, and more often than not she often was placed behind Katie simply for lasting longer in the competition. Furthermore, the fact that she hasn't competed in a very long time tends to drag her down behind other, more well developed characters that the viewers see more of.

24. KatieEdit


Average Rank: 18.8910

The other half of the Katie-Sadie friendship. Now, there are only a few reasons why Katie was almost a full point ahead of Sadie that I saw. I mentioned that she didn't last as long above, but Katie also was shown to (arguably) be more independent during her elimination, which gives her a few more fans. Other than that though, Katie and Sadie were interchangeable enough to land quite a few ties, but typically, Katie rarely ranked very high for anyone due to being about as annoying as Sadie.

23. EzekielEdit

Average Rank: 18.7579

Ezekiel has his fans, but even they couldn't override the raw amount of people who ranked Ezekiel as their least favorite contestant of all time - over 20% of the rankings that Ezekiel was in had him ranked as 25th, which was more than anyone else out of the original contestants. His fans like his quirkiness and the fact that he just doesn't get it, but some dislike sexist comments in his second episode or just ignore him due to his lack of participation in the competition. However, the true reason Ezekiel is third to last is because of the running gag of him practically being a gollum and going through endless abuse is become rather distasteful to most people. Some people sympathize with Ezekiel, but most seem to hate him because of this.

22. BlaineleyEdit


Average Rank: 17.7557

Blaineley wasn't present in several of the rankings, but the ones she was in generally disliked her. Note on the generally - she had quite a few people that liked her short time on the competition or her involvement on the aftermath to make things more "juicy," but of course there were people who disliked her because she was a really big jerk to everyone or found her 2 episode span on the show rather pointless. Plus she didn't appear in that many episodes, so the number of people who had her as a favorite were pretty low (although she had quite a number in the Top 10) while least favorites were pretty high.

21. JustinEdit


Average Rank: 17.7025

A lot of people regarded Justin simply as being a terrible antagonist and too self-absorbed and ranked him rather low oftentimes, and with his role being essentially replaced by Alejandro in the eyes of many people, things aren't looking good (no pun intended) for Justin in the future. This was especially the case on DeviantArt, where he began to rack up a bunch of #25s with all of them citing his failure to be an antagonist. While Justin isn't a character who has very many people rank him near the top, there are a fair amount of people who at least found him to be funny later on in the season once Courtney returned, which gave him a lot of middle of the pack rankings to balance out the low ones slightly.

20. EvaEdit


Average Rank: 17.2933

I've mentioned low participation a few times for the previous contestants, but Eva probably takes the cake as she has competed in even fewer episodes than Katie. There are a lot of people who like Eva to some extent as they find her temper tantrums to be funny but can't rank her near the top due to at least 100 episodes of not competing. Eva also has her fair share of people who find her temper problems to be not funny, and dislike her due to the fact that she is so unhappy and mean to everyone. Maybe another season will cause her to rise a bit more on the aforementioned people's lists, but right now she hasn't stood out.

19. BethEdit


Average Rank: 17.2051

Probably the last character that is generally disliked or ignored, Beth managed to make the finals in TDA and is... still largely ignored by most people. To elaborate, some people dislike her for lasting so long and doing so little and not developing as much as some of the other characters, and she racked up a large amount of appearances at the bottom. Some just found her not to be funny, as she was the more goofy of the finalists. That being said, there are some people who like her simply for being a kind, naive girl, but the amount of people who don't like her are greater as there are a lot of other nice characters on the show.

18. GeoffEdit


Average Rank: 14.0714

Notice the 3 point gap between Geoff and Beth... anyway, Geoff is more of a middle of the pack character, and a lot of it depends on Total Drama Action and how much people have started to forgive him for his actions. To elaborate, Geoff was well liked on TDI due to his nice and chill personality, but during the next season he made out with Bridgette constantly and then got derailed into a Chris clone, neither of which were well received. Most people think he did a better job of hosting the aftermaths in TDWT, but the fact that he didn't compete makes that more overlooked. Regardless, Geoff is a pretty mixed character in terms of reception.

17. TrentEdit


Average Rank: 13.6907

Similarly to Geoff, Trent's ranking depended a lot on TDA and how much people overlook the whole nine obsession, which most people didn't really like that much. The people that liked him liked him because he was simply a nice, cool guy who had a sweet relationship with Gwen. There are also others who feel sorry how the break up went. People who don't like him don't like him because of not only the nine thing, but also the fact that he was considered to be rather generic and was only there because of Gwen. Regardless, Trent has his fans and he almost never appeared as 25th, surprisingly.

16. OwenEdit


Average Rank: 13.6556

Overrated? Maybe by the show, but the fans are all over the place on this guy. Granted, some people don't hate him as much as they used to due to the lower amount of fart or fat jokes and the writers not using him as the creator's pet anymore, but the fact that this remains his main humor still makes some people not like him very much. Generally, the fact that he doesn't contribute much to the show's plot despite sticking around for so long is why people dislike him nowadays, but there are still a bunch of people who find him to be funny in some of his other lines, notably in TDWT which is when he was starting to get slightly more liked. Regardless, his ranking depended usually on if the fact that he was mostly just there for comedy rather than seriousness and how much said comedy was actually liked.

15. DJEdit


Average Rank: 13.0939

DJ has a kind of weird stance with fans, which is probably why he is so close to the middle. If people dislike DJ it is because he is regarded as being a pretty boring character. It is also worth mentioning that he is noticeably getting more cowardly as the series goes on though to the point where he is regulated to being comic relief in TDWT merely for having terrible luck and can't really stand up for himself, which is quite a bit different than his characterization from before. That being said I really didn't have that much I can say on how much people liked or disliked DJ as he was in the middle of the pack so often in rankings.

14. SierraEdit


Average Rank: 13.0440

Sierra is a character that is disliked for the exact same reason as she is liked. There are a lot of people who think Sierra is hilarious because of her stalker-like tendencies and general craziness, but at the same time, there are some people who think that she is too creepy and dislike her as a result, which is why probably why she is so close to the middle. Is the fact that she is constantly violating Cody's privacy no matter how the latter feels about her a good thing or a bad thing? Is her crazy knowledge of the show entertaining or just plain creepy? It all really depends on how she is interpreted by whoever ranks her.

13. DuncanEdit

IYCTTH- Duncan Confession Cam

Average Rank: 12.7848

Duncan is a character that has gotten a large amount of hatred from some people due to arguably being the biggest jerk on the show but never being the main antagonist to account for it. He has done some things that have earned the ire of many fans, such as cheating on Courtney, being a bully, and in general having a lot of screentime. That being said, Duncan has a lot of fans due to everything he triggers on the show, and him in general being the closest thing to an anti-hero the show has. Also, if nothing else, Duncan manages to receive a large amount of development to give him a lot of hidden depths, but not everyone appreciates his presence.

12. LeshawnaEdit

LeShawna gets hit by a dodgeball

Average Rank: 12.3691

Although not as much as Duncan, Leshawna was a character that got a large amount of focus during the first two seasons. Generally, people do like that she stands up for her friends and doesn't really take crap from anyone but still manages to be friendly, albeit sassy. The people that don't like her tend to think of her as a bit violent for being someone who is supposed to be nice and, at least lately, find her to be a meaner person than before, notably in World Tour. Despite this though, Leshawna has a decent amount of fans and a lot more people seem to like her than dislike her.

11. HaroldEdit

TDA046 151 T1

Average Rank: 12.2838

When people happen to think of TDA, Harold is probably one of the first people they think of. While Harold hasn't gotten all that much focus or, arguably, popularity in the other seasons, he did well as the comic relief during that season. Harold has a decent amount of fans and not that many people think he is the worst character, but people who don't like him tend to think of him as annoying or are still made about him eliminating Courtney. That being said, he maintains decent popularity.

10. AlejandroEdit

TDAS Alejandro

Average Rank: 11.8417

Alejandro is generally cited as the second best antagonist in the series, behind Heather of course. However, he managed to be an iffy character at first due to his main gimmick being good at everything, while made some people annoyed by his status as a "villain stu." However, an antagonist is an antagonist, and what he did (as well as his appearance) still managed to get him quite a few fans. All-Stars was considered better off for him as it gave him a clearer character outside of just being a manipulative evil guy, but the villain stu thing can still work against him.

9. CourtneyEdit

Average Rank: 11.7307

Courtney was a character who had opinions that were very split between a favorite and a least favorite. If you combine the number of #1s or #25s she had it would take up about 1/3 of her rankings, and appearances near those ranks were also really common. There are a lot of ways to interpret Courtney, and depending on her intentions and actions, how she is trying to be a leader, how ruthless she is at any given moment, the opinion of her is very dependent on the viewer. More fans seem to adore Courtney than loathe her due to her overall personality, but there are plenty of people out there who feel like she needs to lighten up and hasn't redeemed herself.

8. BridgetteEdit


Average Rank: 10.7354

Out of all the "nice" characters that are mostly defined by being nice, Bridgette is the most popular mostly for being the most moral. I heard someone once say that Bridgette was the best role model the show had and, looking at her traits, I see where (s)he is coming from. Granted, some people find her boring because she is nice and her and Geoff making out got old pretty quickly, but Bridgette is just in general a kind person to the other contestants and nature in general at almost all times that a lot of people like.

7. TylerEdit


Average Rank: 10.2885

The good news for Tyler is that he isn't a character that is disliked often at all. Tyler has his fair share of fans, mostly thanks to TDWT establishing him as a great use of comic relief. While many people think this way about Tyler, there are some people who think Tyler contributed very little to the competition both seasons, but fortunately for Tyler this didn't make people dislike him rather than ignore him and put him somewhere near the mid bottom. All things considered though, Tyler is usually considered to be a nice, very funny guy that is generally liked by the fans, or at least not disliked.

6. CodyEdit


Average Rank: 10.2561

An unexpected breakout character in TDI, Cody managed to get a lot of popularity during that season due to his interactions with Gwen, despite not making it very far. During TDWT, on the other hand, he did make it very far. Granted, this possibly didn't affect his popularity much, or possibly decreased it, thanks to him making it very far with claims that he didn't do much during the season and only lasted for a while thanks to Sierra and acted rather mean to her, which made some people dislike him. However he still maintains several good rankings thanks to his attraction to Gwen, and what he had to do to endure Sierra is funny to some people.

5. GwenEdit

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (48)

Average Rank: 9.0175

I was a little surprised to see Gwen as high as #5 as I thought she would be more controversial, but Gwen has a lot more fans than haters. This is mostly due to TDI I assume, where she developed a lot as a character and was considered to be a fan favorite. While her later seasons, for the most part, are considered to be steps down from TDI, but a lot of people still side with Gwen after all this time because of all the abuse she has to go through on the show, and she for the most part means things in good intentions. People also have begun shifting the blame on Duncan rather than Gwen. All-Stars didn't sit well for some people regarding Gwen, but she is still one of the most popular characters.

4. IzzyEdit


Average Rank: 7.6580

Izzy has a lot of fans due to being crazy, hyper, and in general funny in many different ways. What also helps is, out of all the rankings that were done, nobody listed Izzy as their least favorite character, or even in the bottom three. As of what it seems, it can be hard to outright despise Izzy, as even though she can sometimes not do anything important and fade into the background, there is usually some moment that Izzy will be funny in just by acting completely ridiculous at any given moment.

3. HeatherEdit


Average Rank: 6.9754

Heather managed to get #3 due to her antagonistic gameplay within TDI, as well as also having a great season in TDWT. Heather is usually considered to be the best antagonist on Total Drama due to her use of strategy, not hiding her true intentions, managing to manipulate her way out of many, many eliminations, and just in general playing the game very well. In season 3, while she wasn't the main antagonist, there are still plenty of people who like the way she played the game their too, along with Alejandro and Heather's relationship. Unlike many others, Heather has no qualms in being a jerk to literally everyone, which gives a bunch of interesting conflicts with the others. While some don't like her because of her antagonistic qualities, she is for the most part liked and appears at the #1 spot nearly the most.

2. NoahEdit


Average Rank: 6.7937

While Noah may not have ever made it to the merge, people still love this guy because of his sarcastic remarks and he is often cited as one of the funniest, if not the funniest, character on the show. In fact, out of everyone, he managed to get the most appearances at #1 with 32 appearances. His biting sarcasm tends to come out at any time in the competition, even in the more serious moments, which makes him considered one of the best written characters on the show. Although the low episode count is probably why he isn't the #1 entry, there is a good reason people like him.

1. LindsayEdit


Average Rank: 6.3006

The most popular contestant is none other than Lindsay! While she may not have the sizeable fanbases of Noah and Heather, who are packed with far more #1 slots, Lindsay has them both beat because there is almost nobody who dislikes Lindsay. This is understandable too - she is regarded as one of the funniest contestants on the show due to her dumb blonde status and she also manages to receive a great amount of character development while delivering this humor. For the most part, while she still is dumb, she almost never crosses the line of being annoyingly dumb. All these things make Lindsay the highest ranked on average out of all the rankings I saw, and she was in the top half around 90% of the time, which nobody else managed to pull off.

Second Generation Contestants Edit

13. StaciEdit


Average Rank: 10.8203

While most of the Revenge of The Island contestants are to some degree popular with some people, Staci wasn't even close to achieving popularity anywhere. I think it should go without saying as to why - I'm pretty sure the writers wanted to make her as annoying as possible so then nobody wanted the first eliminated contestant back like they wanted Ezekiel to be. Well, needless to say, it worked - she is 2.5 ranks below the next person and around 1/3 of her ranks are #13.

12. BEdit

B doing his first confessional

Average Rank: 8.3951

B just... didn't go very noticed I guess. While there are plenty of people who thought he wasn't a bad character, the fact that he never said a word and competed for 3 episodes means that there were not that many reasons to list him all that high. Granted, there were a lot of people that seemed to like B as a character, but merely liked others more, while others just ignored him for not doing much other than just being a genius. Granted, his average ranking isn't even that bad, he just lacks that many big fans.

11. Anne MariaEdit

Finders Creepers (32)

Average Rank: 7.9680

Anne Maria definitely has her fair share of fans (especially on here), but given what she is parodying, there are people who don't like her because she is so sassy and rude. Granted, there are people who do find her funny because she is sassy and rude, but not everyone. Her involvement in the love triangle between Mike and Zoey also caused a bit of a shake-up, with supporters of the relationship not liking her and opposers liking the fact that she managed to cause something interesting between them. Regardless, Anne Maria tends to be pretty iffy as of what I've seen.

10. CameronEdit

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (5)

Average Rank: 7.9349

I was a little surprised to see Cameron as low as 10th, but I guess it makes sense. While Cameron is liked by some people for getting a significant amount of character development within RoTI, a problem was that he was often associated with Mike and Zoey in that he was boring and could get annoying at times. Another difference between him and these two though is that he isn't in a relationship, which actually is a reason why Mike and Zoey are liked by some people. Cameron did have a lot of spotlight in a lot of episodes that he competed in which makes some people get tired of him, but he can occasionally make good use of this spotlight.

9. LightningEdit

Lightning sleeps

Average Rank: 7.6774

Lightning was 5th until I went onto DeviantArt, in which he fell all the way down to 9th. Like Sierra, the people that like Lightning like him for the exact same reason some people don't like him. Some people find his arrogance, his stupidity, and his giant ego to be hilarious, but others find him to annoying because of this. Not to mention some people think that he lasted a bit too long and was really starting to act mean near the end, which gave him plenty of last place spots. Regardless, Lightning is another one of those characters who is meant to be comic relief, but whether he is funny or not is dependent on the person.

8. ZoeyEdit


Average Rank: 7.2720

It is rare to see Zoey not near/at the top or near/at the bottom of any given rankings. Zoey's ranking depends on her two main traits - the fact that she is nice to everyone and has a relationship with Mike. To elaborate, her relationship with Mike is either regarded as one of the best relationships or is hated to the extreme, and her status as a nice girl makes her either likable or is credited for giving her such a bland personality. It also doesn't help that many people view Zoey as a Mary Sue due to All-Stars in particular.

7. SamEdit


Average Rank: 7.2677

Nobody listed Sam as a least favorite, surprisingly enough, but he was generally ignored by anyone who wasn't a fan of him. There were a lot of people who just ignored Sam in both seasons and there are people who dislike him merely because he was in All-Stars at all and did nothing, but there are still a number of people who like Sam for his first season. Overall, Sam was either liked or ignored, but people who ignored him are why he is ranked somewhat below the average threshold.

6. MikeEdit

Backstabbers Ahoy (7)

Average Rank: 7.0687

The most split (pun intended this time) character opinion belongs to Mike out of the Second Generation contestants, who understandably is the closest to having an average rank of 7. Notably, Mike haters are very vocal and insistent about their opinion of him being offensive, especially due to the reset button, but Mike still maintains a fair share of fans, either because of his personalities being funny, Mike himself being a generally nice guy, or his relationship with Zoey amongst the shippers. That being said, to compound the offensiveness and unrealistic portrayal, many people hate Mike for being a bland character, outside of his personalities or course. It's all pretty iffy though, and Mike is either a character you love or hate.

5. JoEdit

File:Backstabbers Ahoy (22).png Average Rank: 6.6507

Jo was the only character other than Sam who didn't have very many appearances as a favorite or a least favorite. In general, Jo was regarded as being above average and people liked her strategy more than Scott's, despite her not being the main antagonist. Past that though, the opinion of Jo was pretty scattered - many people like her manipulative, aggressive character but some people don't like her because of how she approaches the game at times. Regardless, Jo is generally liked.

4. ScottEdit

EPBW (18)

Average Rank: 6.1550

Notice how all 7 All-Stars were placed in a row? Anyway, Scott was... unpopular during Revenge of the Island. Along with the standard complaints of eliminating favorites, his strategy was not very good either. However, come All-Stars, most people forgave his failure in his debut season and he is often stated to be the best character in All-Stars, despite his character being almost completely different than before, due to being rather funny and getting development past being a troublemaker. He is still held back by his debut season, but he is faring a lot better than before, no doubt.

3. DakotaEdit


Average Rank: 5.3442

Dakota managed to achieve popularity during her one season due to her development in her short amount of time on the show. Her spoiled nature provided some laughs, and many people liked her side-story as an intern and learning how to do any work - arguably the most development of any of the females. I can't really explain it that well because its late, but most people liked the direction Dakota's character was going and didn't really hate her for her mutation rather than the show itself.

2. DawnEdit

Dawn Knows All

Average Rank: 4.3650

Yeah, the top two were way above the other 11. Anyhow, despite only competing for 5 episodes, Dawn is considered to be the most interesting, albeit one of the most underused, contestants out there. The direction Dawn took was pretty much unlike anybody else on the show, as she was able to be one with nature and in general be very mysterious. We never knew much about Dawn, but with the fact that she could talk to animals and figured out a lot of stuff without even being told kept people interested even before the show started. A lot of people listed Dawn as their favorite Revenge of the Island character and few people disliked her, but there was one person who fared even better.

1. BrickEdit


Average Rank: 4.1300

Man, Brick was popular for only having spent half the competition on the show. While Brick may not have had the strangeness of Dawn or the initial fanbase, Brick surprised a lot of people by showing a few traits almost nobody else on the show had. Brick is one of the only people on the show to respect the competition, manages to be heroic in his elimination episode as well as many other points, has a code of honor unlike others, and manages to combine development with a surprising amount of comic relief. Like Dawn, Brick had a ton of people cite him as their favorites for the season and not very many people disliked him either. Nice going Brick.

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