With all the talk about either half of season 5 let me go completely off tangent and ask a question about TDA!

The question of why TDA is so disliked by some people has been plaguing me ever since I joined the wiki 5 years ago, and to be quite honest, I still don't really get why it is.

I've seen a couple reasons but I really still don't understand the hate. Whenever people mention TDA had character derailment, Trent and Geoff seem to always be the first ones to be brought up, even though neither even lasted past the first aftermath. Some people cite the reason as Justin being a bad antagonist when he wasn't even the antagonist for the second half of the season. People say the reason is because of the reward challenges, but at least they followed a pattern (with the sole exception of Top Dog) and their existence meant there were 26 episodes to develop the characters rather than 13...

Honestly, I feel like TDA was just about on par with Seasons 1 and 3 and it has few of my favorite episodes ever. I know other people think similarly about TDA, but to the haters, what makes it so bad?

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