As you may recall (or not), I made this blog last year. One of the bigger surprises I had was learning that Bridgette was the 8th most popular contestant in the first generation, which places noticeably higher than most contestants I viewed as similar (ie contestant mostly defined by being nice). I think I get why people like her, just not to a large extent.

So yeah, this is just me asking Bridgette fans what makes her a great character. This is especially the case given that she didn't last very long in either TDA or TDWT. Is there something I'm missing in TDI? Is she better than people appear to give her credit for in the other two? Is there an aspect to her that makes her an interesting or funny character, or is the major reason most people like her primarily because she is nice and laid back? If so, if she is your favorite or one of them, what makes her better than everyone else? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Note that I don't dislike Bridgette so please don't accuse me of such.

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