Too often in several recent blogs, this sequence happens...

  • Someone says they hate every aspect of something or someone without offering all that much of an explanation as to why.
  • Someone inevitably disagrees.
  • Argument ensues, intensifies, and the poster eventually states "just accept my opinion and leave me alone"

Here's the thing: if this is happening to you frequently, maybe you, not them, are doing something wrong. This is a site full of Total Drama fans, so if people are trying to defend an aspect of the show, chances are there is probably a reason why they are doing it. It might be your opinion, but was it necessary to share it the way you did in the blog when you posted the comment? When you argue, are you actually trying to defend your points and offering anything new to the table, are you just trying to repeat what you have already said, or just defending your general mindset and not your points? You have to be prepared to defend your points when you post something (or just offer more of an explanation from the get go), and if you are not, why did you even do it?

If people call you out for doing it frequently, don't whine about it or deny it, because they are most likely right. You're just putting yourself in a worse situation if you start to act like you don't or avoid the problem. Maybe if you get called out for it you should actually start to post nice things about the show every now and then so you don't get called out again and again and again. If you start to insult a user who calls you out, it makes you look even worse.

If people are starting to act aggressive, you probably did something, and possibly have been doing other things in the past, to make them act that way. If you also start to act aggressively when they begin to, it makes you look even worse.

Believe me, there are several users out there that frequently fall victim to this. But the problem is, if you are one of them, there is a good chance are not actually the victim if you are deliberately putting yourselves in these situations when you should know exactly what is going to happen. This is especially the case if what you're saying is objectively false.

If this user describes you, change your mindset.

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