Lately, on several pages, I've seen a ton of goofs in the goof sections. I mean, reconginzing the goofs is a good thing, but there is one thing that the goofs aren't taking into consideration.

This show is a cartoon.

I've seen so many things in the goofs section something relating to "this character did this, but would be unable to do this in real life." This is a lot of what is making the goofs section so long. Sure, they happened, but they technically are not goofs if they show stuff that cannot happen in real life. A continuity error or a visual goof would count, but I think we seriously shouldn't put a billion goofs in one section.

The biggest thing I hae a problem with? When a senario is put into the goof section where it could have possibly happened, or just a simple thing they could have done to make it not a goof. I'm talking about stuff like "When Chris announced the new season and the camera zoomed out, Alejandro was shown to be wearing sunglasses, however he took them off after arriving." (Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1) Originally, there was a notice that "he could have simply put them back on" after the goof was shown. How simple is that? I could easily put sunglasses back on myself.

What I'm basically saying is that small mistakes are not always goofs and I'm sick of so many appearing in the article. Thoughts?

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