OK, I Know that the season has already started, but everyone else is doing it so why not?

Week 3

Yeah, the Purple Team left... I don't have anything to compare to from last week so, yeah.

  • 7. Pink Team - This team is in a really tight spot right now. They are certaintly experienced in editing, but the two just aren't editing that much right now. If they don't step it up some, they will probably find themselves getting the boot soon.
  • 6. Orange Team - They aren't the most active editors (especially EdGeorgenCody), so they should find being in the bottom two fairly common. But, they are not threats by any means... but they can't just make no edits forever, especially when the merge comes.
  • 5. Green Dude - One guy is a small team... he needs to edit hard to stay in. He is a good editor, but without that partner, he could lose just that bit of edits that could keep him safe.
  • 4. Yellow Team - They are good editors, both making a good amount of edits each week. They will probably be around for a while due to this, and they certainly appear to be working well as a team.
  • 3. Blue Man - I called the team that because the member is Kgman04. Besides that, if this guy can go "week one" on us, then he can be unstoppable... but even if he doesn't make as many as in week one, he still has a good shot at making a lot of edits and making it far, even for one person.
  • 2. Red Team - Doing pretty awesome. Fedora Kid makes around 100 edits a week, which is really good, and Reddude, while not making that many edits, is still doing OK and the two combined can give quite the amount of edits.
  • 1. Beige Team - Mygeto is on really on fire with 200 edits 2 weeks in a row, CrashMan85 is on also fire. In fact, they made within 100 edits of everyone else combined. Overall, they are practically unstoppable.

I feel happy that I finally decided to do something like this. I hope they are relatively good/logical predictions :P

Week 4

Not much different from last week... except the Pink Team was eliminated... not that much of a suprise. I wonder when the merge will start... but besides that, on to the rankings!

  • 6. Green Dude - A great editor, yes, but the other teams are just making more edits than him (it's hard being solo no matter what). I have a feeling that he, unfortunately, may be next to go.
  • 5. Red Team - Still doing pretty awesome, but Fedora Kid is doing a lot of the team's edits. Like the Green Dude, he is a good editor, but his partner gets only around 20 mainspace, and the total lacks a little compared to higher teams.
  • 4. Orange Team - They are doing horrid right now. They got very few edits once again. The only reason they aren't in last is because they aren't threats at all - the other team is guaranteed to go home, as long as they at least remember to edit.
  • 3. Blue Man - He kept his ranking at a steady 3rd place because he is still doing really well. 180 mainspace edits are the second highest in the competition this week, and he will most likely make it to the merge, and when that happens, being solo won't be an issue.
  • 2. Yellow Team - When you got a user that made over 100 mainspace, and then another user who is also doing pretty well so far, you have a great pair that makes really good amount of edits!
  • 1. Beige Team - They did awesome again. No need for description; 300 mainspace edits a week speaks for itself.

I reached 3000 Mainspace this week! Anyways, good luck to everybody; Edit often!

Week 5

The Orange Team was finally eliminated for a rather bad editcount, and due to everyone else trying. I'm glad people listened to suggetions given out on the blogs by users like NN666. Big shocker from the Green Dude... he made tons of mainspace!

  • 5. Red Team - I have a bad feeling about this team's status. Yes, Fedora makes over 100 edits, but Reddude has to make more edits if they want to stay this week.
  • 4. Green Dude - Woah, he did excellent last week. Over 250 mainspace is a lot! Sadly, he doesn't do that every week, and that means he is a huge threat now.
  • 3. Yellow Team - They are still a great team. I cannot say too much about them, but if there is a merge, the two will probably make it there.
  • 2. Blue Man - He has made a lot of mainspace every week so far. Even alone he is almost garunteed not to be in the bottom two.
  • 1. Beige Team - Mygeto will be back from vacay soon, and then the team will be great again. Crashman85 almost made 200 mainspace alone, and Mygeto usually does too.

Good Luck to everyone.

Week 6

The Green Team was eliminated for being last week's threat. I didn't really see it coming... plus Numbuh3 is back too. But on to the rankings!

  • 5. Red Team - They have been in the bottom two twice. They are trying hard, but they need to try just a little harder.
  • 4. Pink Girl - Coming back due to making 69 mainspace is OK, but she has almost no chance of catching up with anyone. She isn't a threat and she has got immunity this week, though.
  • 3. Yellow Team - They got immunity last week, which is great. But they cannot do this forever. With only four teams left, and the other ones being the Beige and Blue teams, I don't know what will happen to them.
  • 2. Beige Team - This is the first time they haven't been ranked as first. They are awesome as a team as I have commented every week but...
  • 1. Blue Man - ... this guy 500 mainspace edits this week!!! (x_X O_o :O) That is fully Crazy. Edit Caffeinated. Sugar Rush? Tons of motivation? Editing his a** off to make the merge if there is one? Whatever it is, he did scary good.

Kgman04 is definetly going to pass me in edits this week. Anyways, good luck to everyone.

Week 7

I know, this is a very late update. But I have been pretty inactive for the last week so... yeah. I've not been paying too much attention to the edits so... these are still predictions. Anyways, Reddude quit to help Fedora, and Jackson Five was eliminated. Oh, and the merge happened too. How much did I miss? O_o.

  • 6. Numbuh3 - Compared to everybody else, she gets less edits. I don't see her making tons of edits like the other five, but who knows what can happen.
  • 5. The Cartoon - I'm glad he has made it this far, truthfully. He is a good editor, but the others I think are better. Sorry.
  • 4. Crashman85 - Sorry, but I had to just put the font color as black. Anyways, Crashman85 recently made the User Stats board. That means he is definitely doing great and trying hard.
  • 3. Fedora Kid - I see his edits all the time. Chances are he is going to make it really far.
  • 2. Mygeto - Mygeto has done great all season long. Usually getting around 200 edits, he is doing great.
  • 1. Kgman04 - You know that I said he was awesome last week? Now, without teams, this guy can have a much easier time while still dominating the game.

I sure missed a lot of stuff. Anyways, good luck to everybody.

Week 7

I know, this is another very late update. Anyways, The Cartoon was eliminated. Also, Nalyd Renrut said the lowest three would be possibly elimiated, and the highest editor would vote someone off... on to the rankings.

  • 5. Kgman04 - First place to last? Yeah, what happened was that he is getting less, probably due to school or something. With the first two making tons of edits, his threat status may be his downfall.
  • 4. Crashman85 - Crashman is doing pretty well. He is making a good amount of edits, but I think that he may get put up for elimination, but probably stay safe.
  • 3. Numbuh3 - 20 mainspace really isn't going to help you in the final five, but not being a threat is. However, due to this, she probably can't win overall.
  • 2. Fedora Kid - I'm still seeing his edits all the time. This guy is doing really well, and he is a guaranteed final 3 at least.
  • 1. Mygeto - Mygeto is still getting around 200 mainspace, even in the middle of september where everyone is starting school. He is pratically invincible.

I'll at least try to do it on time next time. Anyways, good luck to everybody.

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