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    I Quit

    August 26, 2015 by CF12

    As some of you may have heard, a couple weeks ago I said I was thinking about quitting the wiki due to my frustration of constant negativity. I decided to give it another chance because I thought maybe people would start to get more positive. It hasn't happened, and this blog in particular gives me no hope this wiki's mentality will ever change.

    Total Drama is still easily my favorite show, but it's hard to be a fan of the show when so many other fans do nothing but tear it down. I can't even enjoy going on the wiki anymore, because all I do is find myself defending everything. Simply put, that just shouldn't happen. It also doesn't help that, more often that you think, people don't realize if they are doing it in excess.

    Maybe I'll come back…

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  • CF12

    As some of you may know, Gogogadget831 is reviewing every episode in the series. However, due to the negative light this episode was painted in, I just couldn't find myself agreeing with almost anything in that specific review. The solution? I'll make my own review, with blackjack and hookers! But in all seriousness, this is going to be a generally positive take on an episode that I think is in the upper echelon of Total Drama episodes. Try to read all of it before you comment.

    Following the rather funny recap of what is another episode that gets way too much hate (I might go over that one in the future too), we get to a conversation between Gwen and Courtney. This event kind of already gives an indication of maybe why Duncan decided to ditc…

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  • CF12

    As you may recall (or not), I made this blog last year. One of the bigger surprises I had was learning that Bridgette was the 8th most popular contestant in the first generation, which places noticeably higher than most contestants I viewed as similar (ie contestant mostly defined by being nice). I think I get why people like her, just not to a large extent.

    So yeah, this is just me asking Bridgette fans what makes her a great character. This is especially the case given that she didn't last very long in either TDA or TDWT. Is there something I'm missing in TDI? Is she better than people appear to give her credit for in the other two? Is there an aspect to her that makes her an interesting or funny character, or is the major reason most peopl…

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  • CF12

    Too often in several recent blogs, this sequence happens...

    • Someone says they hate every aspect of something or someone without offering all that much of an explanation as to why.
    • Someone inevitably disagrees.
    • Argument ensues, intensifies, and the poster eventually states "just accept my opinion and leave me alone"

    Here's the thing: if this is happening to you frequently, maybe you, not them, are doing something wrong. This is a site full of Total Drama fans, so if people are trying to defend an aspect of the show, chances are there is probably a reason why they are doing it. It might be your opinion, but was it necessary to share it the way you did in the blog when you posted the comment? When you argue, are you actually trying to defend your…

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  • CF12

    If you've ever viewed my character rankings before, you may have noticed that Katie and Sadie are my bottom two, and if you've ever talked to me about these two characters, you can tell that I really, really don't like them. Despite the fact that I was fairly certain they were all around unpopular characters, they seem to be some of the most heavily requested returnees.

    I just don't understand why.

    My issues with Katie and Sadie aren't just limited to the fact that I find both of them incredibly annoying; I also feel like their return value is almost nonexistent because of the way their characters are setup. As of right now, Katie and Sadie are more or less the same character and are completely defined by their friendship. Some would say Amy…

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