Welcome back to Mainspace Race! Last week, LandryC was eliminated. The categories have been shuffled.  The team with the fewest total edits will be put up for elimination with the editor who has the most edits on that team being granted immunity. After that, all the members of said team will vote on the blog.

Fluffing will not be tolerated. If you want a reminder on what fluffing is, here it is from the initial Mainspace Race blog:

"A fluff edit is a minuscule, irrelevant, or worthless edit made to a page simply so you can get another edit to your editcount. You can also make a series of fluff edits - for instance, editing a page four times so you can add only a little bit of information."

As you may have noticed, there are only three teams this week. That's because the Predator Editors have been disbanded because there were only two editors left. As a result, I have given Sunsummer7 and Iml908 to the two teams I thought needed them the most. Sorry, Team 1.

Normally, a week would last three days, but we've decided to continue to spice things up for Week 4. Week 4 will only last 24 hours (until 6:25PM EST of tomorrow)!

You may have also noticed that the three teams no longer have names; that's because, since this week will only last 24 hours and you may not get a lot of time to edit, there is a +30 edit bonus to the team that comes up with the best team name (as judged by TotalDramaFan1000 and myself).

Every member of a team can submit a team name.

Team 1 (Interactions):

  • Mygeto - 5,476 edits to 5,594 edits (118 edits)
  • EpicLuna - 229 edits to 229 edits (0 edits)
  • Breakingmikey - 8,762 edits to 8,875 edits (113 edits)
  • BatmanTDI - 303 edits to 317 edits (14 edits)
  • TDA15 - 4,147 edits to 4,168 edits (21 edits)
    • TOTAL: 266 edits + 30 edits = 296 edits

Team 2 (Characters):

  • Stryzzar - 2,559 edits to 2,641 edits (82 edits)
  • TdiAlex - 1,003 edits to 1,007 edits (4 edits)
  • BarBar - 2,302 edits to 2,380 edits (78 edits)
  • Codyfan12 - 4,070 edits to 4,120 edits (50 edits)
  • Iml908 - 592 edits to 608 edits (16 edits)
    • TOTAL: 230 edits

Team 3 (Episodes):

    • TOTAL: 279 edits

Congratulations to TDA15 for having the best team name. Team 1 will now be called Crystal Blue Persuasion and they get a +30 edit bonus this week. Congratulations to Mygeto on being this week's top editor. Team 2 and Team 3 also need to have names, though, so Team 2 will now be called the Mainspace Maniacs and Team 3 will now be called the Grammar Gurus.

The Mainspace Maniacs were the lowest editing team this week and as a result have to send someone home. Stryzzar is immune. You guys have three hours (until 9:25PM EST) to vote someone off.

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