This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

Just wanted to get the message across; This WILL contain some spoilers about TDRI, so don't read if you don't want to be spoiled. You have been warned.

Some are saying that a season 5 would be an "Everyone comes back to compete" season. I view this as a next to impossible idea, and if not impossible, a terrible idea at best. While in theory, it sounds cool, in actuality, I could guarantee that very few people would like most of the season. Think about it: If they wanted to bring back all 37 (or 38 if you count Blaineley, I'll be assuming they use 37), you'd need to have at least 36 episodes if you wanted to have no double eliminations. If you had 26 episodes like regular, then you'd need to have at least 10 double eliminations before you got to a point where you would only need to eliminate one per episode, but by that point you've already gotten rid of 20 campers, and you only have 16 episodes left in the season. So many of our favorite characters would get thrown out, and you could pretty much know that a lot of characters would get turned into background characters, and a good amount wouldn't speak in most episodes. Then there's the thing with them having brought in a new cast in TDRI. You'd know that they'd keep the newer contestants longer in the competition, and that most of the earlier eliminations would be of the 1st generation cast, with a few of the newer campers thrown in occasionally. It'd give very little chance for character development until near the end of the season.

Then there's the problem with the contestants themselves. As of now, I can think of 4 contestants who very likely couldn't compete again in the series: Dakota, Scott, Alejandro, and Ezekiel. Dakota because of what the radiation did to her (It'd be a VERY far stretch to say "She got sorta better, at least good enough to compete again), Scott because of him getting SERIOUSLY injured near the end of TDRI (Although I guess that he's not in too bad of a state to get better), Alejandro because he's a freaking cyborg (Which practically guarantees he's not playing again), and Ezekiel because of his feral state (Again, like Scott, it could get better and he could return to normal, but he's still in that state as of TDRI).

I believe a better idea for Season 5 would be to have the 11 contestants that are still in good condition from TDRI to compete against 11 contestants from the 1st generation cast. It'd be the same amount of campers from TDI, they'd get good chance at character development, and they wouldn't have to knock out too many of the older contestants from the first three seasons, and could keep the campers well balanced between old and new.

Now I'm done posting giant blocks of text.

-BushMonstar out.

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