Hi! I'm new... I love Total Drama and Adventure Time, mostly Total Drama. I doubt anyone will read this, maybe one person, but then again, probably not... if you are, thank you! You're awesome! :D I don't really have much to say. I'm really excited for Total Drama All-Stars and stuff. So I guess I said that. I really like pie, too. I like writing a lot, like, stories and stuff... especially fanfics. I'm writing a Total Drama-Hunger Games fanfiction thing-y where everyone in the cast from all the seasons are kidnapped and forced to be tributes in The Hunger Games. So I guess that's cool. Anyone wanna be friends? I mean, I don't have that many friends. Like, I do have some, but we don't hang out much.  Oh right, I forgot, by the way, my name is Thalia. Sometimes people ask me why I spell it T-H-A-L-I-A with an instead of T-A-L-I-A, without one, but I guess it just feels natural. Sorry, you probably don't care. If you do care, though, I'm also into singing and acting and drawing, even though I'm not very good at it. I've tried drawing animae, or however you spell that, but people just laugh at it. Sometimes people like my singing though. I was in an acting competition earlier, and I didn't win anything. It's probably because I forgot my lines and ended up accidentally skipping the entire middle part of the scene. The judges were nice about it, though, probably because I'm a kid... oh, and by the way, I was also watching a chester801 video on Youtube earlier, sorta just now, and I thought what he was doing was really cool. I don't have a Youtube account yet, so I sadly can't subscribe, but if you do, if you're okay with it, could you maybe try to help him? Oh right, I should tell what he does... Okay, so he's in filmmaking school and he's really into animation and Total Drama, and he started writing a TD fanfic, then it turned into a script, and he edited it a bunch into this whole season with new characters, then made a season 2... you get it. He wants to talk to Tom McGillis about making it into a real thing on TV, and he;s asking for support, so... yeah. Well, um, I guess that's it right now, so thank you so much for reading this! Bye!

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