Total Drama: Haunted Castle (Originally Drama Total O Castelo Assombrado, which translates to Total Drama The Haunted Castle) is the first season of Bubble and Bella's fanfiction.

The original version was in Brazilian Portuguese. The translation is made by Bubble and revised by Gordon.


This season involves twenty-one different contestants of different ethnicities and cultures that are participating in a reality show in a castle, known as "Total Drama: Haunted Castle". The twenty-one chosen contestants were divided into three teams representing their most striking features; the Savage Gorillas, strength, power or darkness, the Gorgeous Butterflies, grace, beauty and elegance and Wise Dolphins, intelligence, wit and knowledge. The members of each team must go through various unexpected challenges, the winners enjoy the most luxurious part of the castle while the losers should vote to eliminate one of their members as well as having to stay in the dark basement until the next challenge.


  • 01x00 - The Contestants
  • 01x01 - Three Teams, One Castle (Gordon edits needed)
  • 01x02 - Carriages and Twists
  • 01x03 - Stuck Loose-rs
  • 01x04 - To Be, or To Win?
  • 01x05 - The Scream Queens!
  • 01x06 - Actions, Treachery and Reactions!
  • 01x07 - Free! Or Maybe Not?
  • 01x08 - Do or Don't