This is made to record stuff we did in the chat.

The Team

  • Names: Violette (OC1) and Eddie (OC2)
  • Gender: Female (OC1), Male (OC2)
  • Relationship: Childhood Friends
  • Friends: Sisters, LARPers and Rockers
  • Neutral: Surfers Dudes
  • Enemies: Ice Dancers and Fashion Bloggers (One-sided)
  • Alliances: LARPers and Rockers (Unofficial)


None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1 and 2

  • OC1 and OC2 choose to do the stairs and do very bad being the last to reach the line. They are forced into the 3rd plane.
  • Surfer Dudes: Bad! They tried to interact with the Surfer Dudes in the plane, but had a weird conversation who made both teams embarrassed, at least it wasn't a disaster.
  • Larpers: Good! We share a nice conversation and bond a lot, we share life experiences and some history about ourselves until the plane lands! LARPers are now our friends.
  • We land into Morroco and join the LARPers to choose a spice. Both teams grab the brown-ish red spice.
  • Camel Race: Good! We don't get tired and both teams reach the spices eating zone in first!
  • Spices: Neutral! The spices are spicy but we're able to drink, albeit slowly.
  • We both battle with Carrie and Devin for the first place.
  • Result: Neutral! We're able to reach in second and the LARPers in third, but Carrie and Devin win!

  • Status: 2nd
  • Eliminated: Laurie and Miles (The Vegans)
  • Friends: LARPers (Unofficial Alliance)
  • Enemies: None

French is an Eiffel Language

  • Moped Race: Neutral! We're able to reach the airport but not in first! We're on the second plane.
  • The Larpers are in the first plane! As both were fast on the moped race.
  • We're waiting in the airport with the Sisters and Rockers. We decide to talk to the Rockers.
  • Rockers: Very good! We have a good chat with Rock, while Spud was oblivious to our presence. We are friends of Rock, but we still need Spud for a actual friendship with the Rockers!
  • We decide to use the bathrooms so the spice aren't a problem later. We try to convince the Rockers and talk to them, and they say... Yes! They decide to use the bathroom as well!
  • We finally take the plane and reach France. We leave the airport and see... Best Friends, having a bathroom problem.
  • We reach the other teams, including the LARPers waiting for a Taxi.
  • OC1 and OC2 think about forming a official alliance, sharing a taxi or just saying goodbye and stating they would met later. They do the later.
  • This decision turns out to be good! Both the Rockers and the LARPers end up fine alone and reach the challenge just well!
  • Caricature Drawing: Good! OC1 is a natural artist and do very good at the first try, they both are given the travel tip!
  • We can leave our allies or just wait for them. We decide to the the former. In the end it was a good idea! Both teams are able to pass in the caricature drawing and succeed with us!
  • We decide to partner up with our allies for the challenge. We split up for some minutes, but always remains in a earshot of each other.
  • We do good and we're able to find the cheeses and reach the Chill Zone just fine. We then reach 1th. Rockers reach in 2nd and LARPers in 3rd. The Best Friends don't reach the chill zone and are eliminated.

  • Status: 1st
  • Eliminated: Devin and Carrie (Best Friends)
  • Friends: LARPers (Unofficial Alliance) and Rockers (Rock only)
  • Enemies: None

Mediterranean Homesick Blues

  • We are the first team allowed to get the tip. After that, we rush to the train station and we reach at the Top 3! with our allies and Ice Dancers and Police Cadets.
  • We try to look at the other teams and see if they are treath but this fails as our allies want to talk with us.
  • Spud: We try to talk to him. We succeed and have a very good conversation, bonding with him! Now we have full friendship with the Rockers.
  • We decide to continue waiting to reach our destination. We reach with no problems.
  • Shark Challenge: OC2 jumps on the ocean to pick the tip, he does neutral. He grabs the tip but get some bites.
  • We decide to to the castle far away from the ocean, so the tides don't ruin it. They do the castle small and simple.
  • Castle Building: We do good and are the first to get a boat.
  • Boat Race: We do a boat race with our allies and the Cadets. At the ends, our allies does better than us, but we win 3rd place.
  • Ellody and Mary keep doing they sandcastle and are eliminated.

  • Status: 3rd
  • Eliminated: Ellody and Mary (Geniuses)
  • Friends: LARPers and Rockers (Unofficial Alliance)
  • Enemies: None

Bjorken Telephone

  • We're waiting for the bus on the Chill Zone, Rockers are bumped out of the way by the Ice Dancers! We call out the Dancers by they behavior but they keep silent and does a bad face, Rock smiles at us. The Rockers are now more loyal to us.
  • We take a short ride in the bus. OC1 sits with Tammy and OC2 with Rock. They try to talk to them.
  • Tammy: Very Good! Tammy and OC1 bond a lot! Friendship with LARPers improve!
  • Rock: Very Good! Rock and OC2 bond a lot! Friendship with the Rockers improve!
  • We finally reach the challenge and we need to learn a Icelandic phrase. OC1 learns the first part and OC2 the second part. We try to make our allies do the same. They both agree!
  • Icelandic Phrase: We do bad! We fail to learn the Icelandic phrase and redo the challenge many and many times until we finally can, but we are surpassed by most of the teams!
  • We complete the challenge at the same time as The Fashion Bloggers and see they cheating. We keep silence about it.
  • We need to choose if we will do Feast or Fossil. We take Feast.
  • Feast: Good! We are the first to finish eating and the third to reach the Chill Zone!
  • Rockers reach a while later, and LARPers in last, for trying to use magic in the challenge.

  • Status: 3rd
  • Eliminated: None
  • Friends: LARPers and Rockers (Unofficial Alliance)
  • Enemies: Ice Dancers

Brazilian Pain Forest

  • We're on the first plane with another seven teams, including the Rockers. The LARPers are left over to the other plane.
  • OC1 and OC2 consider pulling a prank, cheating or just relaxing. They end up deciding to cheat.
  • The flight attendant give us juice, food and laxatives per request. Spilling the laxatives into the juice, we offer them to the Stepbrothers lying it's a present given from the Ice Dancers.
  • Cheating: Success! The Stepbrothers blame the "disaster" on the Ice Dancers and they start a rivalry. Ice Dancers now want the Stepbrothers eliminated.
  • We finally reach Brazil! We watch Kitty standing up for the Adversity Twins and OC1 needs to do the ant mitt glove challenge for not swimming with the sharks.
  • Ant Challenge: OC1 covers her hand with leaves and wears it like a glove. Making the challenge a success! She is able to get the tip and our allies mimic our strategy!
  • We cross the log bridge and start searching in the coconuts.
  • Coconuts Challenge: Good! We're able to find the tip in a small amount of time and, again, reach in first at the next challenge!
  • For our luck, OC1 is from Brazilian heritage and a carnival enthusiastic!
  • Costume Challenge: We do the carnival costumes, and again, in a lucky roll, we do good! We reach 3rd on the hang-gliders!
  • Hang-Gliding: We fly fast and surpass the other teams, reaching first! Without a penalty!
  • Other: The LARPers reach behind us, in 4th. The Rockers take some time to reach the chill zone, but they're able to do it in 15th! The Surfer Dudes are last to reach the Chill Zone and are eliminated.

  • Status: 1st
  • Eliminated: Brody and Geoff (Surfer Dudes)
  • Friends: LARPers and Rockers (Unofficial Alliance)
  • Enemies: Ice Dancers

A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket

  • We're taking the bus for the next location, along with everyone else still in the game.
  • Fashion Bloggers: We decide to listen others chatting, we get absolutely nothing, but gross stories told by the Pros, mainly Owen.
  • We cease the stalking and try to chat with the Bloggers, in response we get a friendly greeting!. We randomly mention about what we saw they doing in Bjorken and they react with extreme fear!
    • We decide to manipulate them by being friendly and we state we don't want trouble, we try to convince them to "work with us" and they, still feared, reject our proposal.
    • We do a unfriendly approach and say we will just expose everything they did to Don and they cry loudly in front of us. We decide to end what we started and report them later.
  • We head to the airport and take a plane along with everyone else, again. We decide to indirectly communicate with the Bloggers, now with a clear mind and new intentions. We write on a small paper that they should apologize to Don and send it unanimously.
    • Bloggers decide to do it and realize who was the writer, but don't even try to talk with us and continue glaring menacingly.
  • We reach the castle and we're terrified of it. We decide to follow our allies.
  • We find the Don Box along with our allies and the one who picks the tip is OC2. Forcing him to be the one pushed by the fragile and weak OC1. For the coffin searching we take just some time..
  • Coffin Challenge: We do well and OC1 quickly finds a way to carry the heavy coffin.
  • Gym Challenge: We finally reach the last challenge and we do bad, we fail completely at the challenge and almost everyone surpass us.
  • We are in a race to the finish line with the Pros! We run the fastest we can, and we win! The Reality TV Pros are eliminated from the race.

  • Status: 15th
  • Eliminated: Owen and Noah (Reality TV Pros)
  • Friends: LARPers and Rockers (Unofficial Alliance)
  • Enemies: Ice Dancers and Fashion Bloggers (One sided)

Hawaiian Honeyruin

  • We're in a donkey cart to Hawaii, we're with The Daters, Father and Son, Fashion Bloggers and The Tennis Rivals! We're in a slow speed, just like the other carts and Dwayne commands the donkey. Fashion Bloggers keep distance for us, while Stephanie yells at Ryan for no apparent reason and Rivals laugh at they own poor jokes. We decide to spend some time with Father and Son.
  • Father and Son: Dwayne gets excited with our presence and shares his "father" stories with us. Junior gets easily bored. We decide to cheer Junior up.
  • Father and Son: We can easily chat with Junior and cheer him up a bit. Dwayne is happy for this, as well.
  • We finally leave the Donkey Cart and get into the plane. We're totally tired from the last days without sleeping and decide to get some coffee and sleep. We finally arrive our destination, Hawaii.
  • Ring Challenge: OC2 dives to find the rings, she does the challenge well and is able to get a ring quickly.
  • Coal Challenge: After some swimming, OC2 finally reaches the beach for the All-In. OC1 decides to carry her. They do it quickly and are able to get to the Chill Zone in 8th.

  • Status: 8th
  • Eliminated: None
  • Friends: LARPers and Rockers (Unofficial Alliance)
  • Enemies: Ice Dancers and Fashion Bloggers (One Sided)

Hello and Dubai

  • We're on the bus for the plane, everyone other team is with us. We decide to chat a bit with the LARPers.
  • We don't have time to say anything and the bus stop, we're on the airport, quickly joining the first plane.
  • The first plane is small and we are with the Daters, Goths and Fashion Bloggers. We decide to just say silent and talk with each other.
  • We reach Dubai, and we quickly get our travel tip. We decide to do Squeege and do good, however, something interesting happens.
  • Due to a incident caused by the Daters, the Sisters are attacked by Tennis Menace, causing Emma to fall... The Childhood Friends watch the scene and... OC2 saves Emma, holding her arm and pushing her to they platform.
    • Kitty joins our platform.
    • Emma is thankful for OC1 and OC2, so does Kitty.
    • We decide to invite them to join us at the challenge. In response, they joyfully accept!
  • Squeegee Challenge: Both teams align they window cleaners side by side, filling the entire window and cleaning it on a single move. We do it fast and well and join the race for first place.
  • After some running, we assure our first place, without any difficulty.

  • Status: 1st
  • Eliminated: Ryan and Stephanie (The Daters)
  • Friends: Sisters, LARPers and Rockers (Unofficial Alliance)
  • Enemies: Ice Dancers and Fashion Bloggers (One Sided)

Changed Elim. Table

Elimination Table
# Pair 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
TBA OC1 and OC2 2nd 1st 3rd 1st 14th 8th 1st
TBA MacArthur and Sanders SAFE
TBA Jacques and Josee SAFE
TBA Emma and Kitty SAFE 2nd
TBA Crimson and Ennui SAFE
TBA Dwayne and Junior 18th SAFE
TBA Rock and Spud SAFE 2nd SAFE 15th SAFE
TBA Chet and Lorenzo SAFE
TBA Jay and Mickey SAFE
TBA Kelly and Taylor SAFE
TBA Jen and Tom SAFE
TBA Gerry and Pete SAFE
TBA Leonard and Tammy 3rd 1st 16th 4th SAFE
14th Ryan and Stephanie SAFE 14th
15th Noah and Owen SAFE SAFE SAFE 15th
16th Brody and Geoff SAFE SAFE SAFE 16th
17th Ellody and Mary SAFE 17th
18th Carrie and Devin 1st 18th
19th Laurie and Miles 19th

Color significance

     1st: This is the first team to reach the Chill Zone.

     2nd: This is the second team to reach the Chill Zone.

     3rd: This is the third team to reach the Chill Zone.

     LOW: This is the second-last team (or last if non-elimination) to reach the Chill Zone.

     OUT: Eliminated in this episode.