This blog is my own opinion, if you don't like it, it's not my fault.

I just detest TDAS so much that i will redo it my own way! I ain't so good with english language, its not my first language, so errors are constant.

The Basics

The main problem of TDAS was the number of characters and episodes. How could it be ALL if there was only 14 contestants and 13 episodes? I think 20 characters and 20 episodes should be even better than the bland 14/13. As this season focus was the contestants (Mainly Mal and Zoey) and not the actual season, changing the numbers seems fine.

Other thing that bothered me, a lot, the setting. Really? Wawanakwa? For the third time?! I love the island and it's nostalgic, but they are overusing it and they even gave us the big pleasure of sinking it into the sea into a horrible finale. I think another island should be used instead of the old one. Filled with giant beaches, wonderful rivers, waterfalls and flora. Along with deadly pits, acid lakes, ferocious animals and the wandering mutants that remained from TDROTI. That would fit the theme "Heroes vs. Villains" with a "Hero" side of the island and "Villain" side.

Even after that disasters, i still like the Flush of Shame. It's a perfect parody of what happens to a star after he/she fails on being famous. They just take the flush to the downtown. I'm fine with Boney Island exile and the Chris head, as they look like fair mechanics and funny stuff to the competition.

The Teams

Does they even tried to choose the All-Stars? It wasn't just bad, it was terrible! They even got it right on some, such as Cortney, Lindsay, Duncan, Heather and Gwen. But Sam? When was he a Star? He's a total outcast of this season, it makes no sense of he being here. And if you say that he ranked high on the season he was, them Beth should be here, along with Owen. Also, Sam ranked 10th on TDROTI, this isn't nothing on a short season. TDA and TDWT cast was good, chosen right. But TDAS just choose anything they saw first. A good contestants set would be:


  • Lindsay and Gwen (Part of the non-outcasts of TDAS, competed a lot and are famous among fans, they are worth of being here)
  • Owen (Really? I don't like his character much, but Owen is just one of the best and most famous contestants on the entire franchise. He got first place on TDI, third place on TDA and got to the merge of TDWT. And what they did? Changed Owen for the, what his name? Yes, Sam! Owen should be in this season and no arguments should change this)
  • Zoey (Should be on this season. She would get some major character development, but Mike was on her way, AGAIN. If Zoey compete all alone, she would totally turn into one fan favorite character, and she ranked third on TDROTI. She have some reasons to be here)
  • Leshawna and DJ (They play a major role on almost all season they compete, minus TDWT. They're fan favorites and well-known in the fandom and they got high rankings on TDI, and Leshawna got high ranking on TDA while DJ plays a major role on it)
  • Anne Maria and Brick (Stability. They would be on TDAS, but got removed in favor of other contestants, however, i bet they could do better than any other contestant, as they're funny and well-liked by the fandom. I trust on they characters and believe they could survive the All-Stars season)
  • Harold (Every season needs it injury magnet, and Harold fits this role perfect. His injuries are funnier than most of the others, he is known for this and for his mad skills. He can be not so all-star but he at least can get us to smile a bit and to have a replacement for Cameron)
  • Beth (The winner of a 26 episodes season, worth being here, as she was ignored in the latest first generation season. Have a chance)


  • Courtney, Duncan and Heather (Same as Lindsay and Gwen)
  • Alejandro (As this season reunites all the winners, Alejandro should be here, as he is one of the most famous winners)
  • Jo (Placed 5th on TDPI and got to be one of the most skilled villains)
  • Lightning (Same as Alejandro)
  • Justin and Scott (Even if they villain strategy was lame, they are still a villain)
  • Sierra (She destroyed the Drama Plane, Chris for sure consider her as a villain, she acts like Courtney on the hamsters)
  • Zeke (He is for sure the most villainous character on the series, he almost killed everyone!)
Hamsters Vultures
Anne Maria Courtney
Gwen Heather
Lindsay Sierra
Zoey Scott
Brick Duncan
Harold Justin
DJ Alejandro
Beth Jo
Leshawna Lightning
Owen Ezekiel


Participant Team Status Placing
Ezekiel Vultures 1st Voted out
in Heroes vs. Villains
20th Place Non-Merged
Lightning 2nd Voted out
in Evil Dread
19th Place
Jo 3rd Voted out
in Saving Private Leachball
18th Place
Alejandro 4th Voted out
in Food Fright
17th Place
Owen Hamsters 5th Injured
in Moon Madness
16th Place
Leshawna 6th Voted Out
in No One Eggspects The Tanned Opposition
15th Place
Justin Vultures 7th Voted Out
in Suckers Punched
14th Place
Beth Hamsters Returns in Obsta-Kill Course
8th Disqualified in Zeek and Ye Shall Find
Duncan Vultures 9th Disqualified
in Zeek and Ye Shall Find
13th Place
DJ Hamsters 10th Voted Out
in Out in Cold
12th Place Merged
Brick 11th Voted Out
in Truth or Tear
11th Place
Harold 12th Disqualified
in Truth or Tear
10th Place
Beth 13th Voted Out
in The Obsta-Kill Course
9th Place


Heroes vs Villains

Start: Would be the same, but introducing every contestant and not shooting Zeke away. Zeke is coming back to normal, with a short hair and the green skin being paler.
Challenge: Would be the same. Without Courtney to push Lindsay to the baby carriage, they choose DJ to do so, Hamsters do a good job with the challenge, while the Vultures have problems with Zeke feral form. Alejandro frees from the Drama Machine picks the best looking key, which ends up not being the real one. At the end, Beth pick the correct key and the Hamsters win the challenge, staying the night at the Spa Hotel. Brick takes the Boney Island so his team can have a good night at the Spa Hotel, which lets everyone pleased.
Loser: Villainous Vultures
Exiled: Brick
Eliminated: Zeke

Reason: Gets eliminated by 8 - 2. With Zeke and Heather voting on Alejandro trying to stay safe or for pure hate. And the entire team voting on Zeke for not being helpful to the team.

Evil Dread

Start: The hamsters are on the winner cabin. The male hamsters are disgusted by Owen constant sleep farting. Sierra wakes Courtney up taking a picture of her on the loser cabin. Brick is shown at Boney Island, sleeping on a cave while a rat walks in his face and he wakes up scared and screams. Chris announces the challenge and Brick comes back from the Boney Island by boat of losers. Hamsters get the shovels and Vultures need to use they hands.
Challenge: The Hamsters and Vultures are able to find three pieces both, Lindsay is assigned to build the Hamsters statues due to her building the Thinker all alone in TDWT. Lightning volunteers to build the Vultures statue and ends failing to do so, due to his lack of caution. The Hamsters succeed at the challenge once again, due to they easy teamwork. The Vultures don't work well together and slow down they digging, leading the Hamsters to have two pieces more than the Vultures. Lindsay easily assemble some of the pieces, but is unable to recognizes the statue and annoys Anne Maria. Brick find the last piece while the Vultures still needs to find they last two. The Hamsters focus on assembling the pieces of the 3D puzzle. They recognizes the Statue of Liberty and easily finishes it. The Vultures find they last piece and rush to assembling, the Vultures do they best but Hamsters easily finish the statue, winning the challenge. They send Anne Maria to the exile island due to her small contribution to the challenge.
Loser: Villainous Vultures
Exiled: Anne Maria
Eliminated: Lightning

Reason: Lightning was useless to the challenge, not doing his job to assemble the pieces together and got eliminated by 8 - 1.

Pirate Showdown

Start: The Hamsters are again at the winner cabin, the girls (minus Gwen) are annoyed by each other due to they taking to long to leave the bathroom while the boys and Gwen eat the luxurious dinner. Courtney is clearly bothered by being on the loser cabin again and start to annoy her teammates, mainly Justin, who is unable to sleep due to Courtney yelling. Sierra sleeps embracing her Cody smartphone and so does most of the Vultures, minus Courtney, who continues in rage for most of the night. Back to the Hamsters, Zoey wonders how Anne Maria doing on the Exile Island and speaks with her teammates stating that it was mean to send her to Exile, Beth says she asked for it and Lindsay agrees. DJ and Harold talk with Owen before sleeping trying to get a way to him to not fart while they sleep, Owen states he can't and Harold suggests he sleep somewhere else, DJ refuses to takes Owen out of the room, but Owen obliges and says it would be better for his teammates and decides to sleep on the lobby. After everyone is asleep and the night passes, Scott wakes up and leaves the bed, only to fall on the water and notices he and everyone else is on the lake. The other contestants wake up as well, and Chris flies to them using his jetpack, holding Anne Maria and throwing her in the water afterward. Duncan violently asks why they are on the lake, which Chris responds explaining the Challenge.
The First Challenge: Find our team respective pirate treasure hidden in the Lake Wawanakwa to win the reward for the second part of the challenge.
Challenge: The contestants, still in they sleepwear, leave the lake and change they clothes before starting the challenge, but Alejandro continues in his sleepwear, searching for his team treasure without using his legs, surprising his teammates and angering Heather, who believe his legs are fine. The entire teams start the searching. Zoey tries to talk with Anne Maria about what the team did to her, but she seems to be fine with it, making Zoey happy and calm. However, Anne Maria reveals that she is in a bad mood due to her team, mainly Lindsay, who comes to be a annoyance to her. The search continues and Alejandro decides to get closer to the Lake end, Heather stalks him and discover his legs are fine, Alejandro witness her stalking him and grins, as she can't proof to the others his legs are fine, Heather leaves in rage while Alejandro continues searching. DJ and Leshawna ends finding the treasure hidden between large boulders and win the first part of the challenge, annoying the Vultures even more due to they losing streak. Chris comes back and announces a Pirate Showdown that will take part at night on the beach, and the winning team will get a better pirate boat.
Middle of the Day: Anne Maria gets to use the Spa Hotel and eats the brunch with her team, she fakes a scene and makes Gwen drops fruit juice at her, Gwen panics and tries to clean her, but Anne Maria fakes that she don't care and that "friends" won't make her angry, she gives a smile and her team becomes closer with her, minus Leshawna, who is unsure of what to think of her and leaves the Spa Hotel. When leaving, Leshawna notices something and it reveals to be Alejandro, standing without efforts, she goes back to the Spa Hotel and warns her team about it. However, most of the team don't believe her story and thinks she is just trying to eliminate a enemy, with only DJ, Lindsay and Gwen catching up the story, she allies with them to make sure Alejandro lies is exposed to everyone. Inside the Vultures cabin, the team is having a lunch, one of the disgusting meals. While Scott is pleased, the rest of the team is disgusted. Heather tries to allies with her teammates from the new cast, but fails to do so as they know her true nature. During the rest of the night, Leshawna's alliance tries to spy on Alejandro and the others Vultures, but don't get any proof Alejandro is faking his disabled legs.
Second Challenge: For the challenge, the Hamsters are given a giant boat reminiscent from Mutiny on the Soundstage but clearly updated, while the Vultures get a old and cracked boat with small cannonballs. Chris announces that the first team who destroys the other boat will win, and he, jokingly wishes luck for the Vultures, that glare at him. The challenge starts and the Vultures have trouble shotting due to they old cannons and lack of teamwork. The hamsters, surprisingly, aren't working so well as before, as Leshawna, Gwen and Harold are the only ones with courage to hurt the other team teammates, as Lindsay, Owen, Brick, DJ, Beth and Zoey are pacifists and Anne Maria is faking to be one. The Vultures are able to shot a small cannonball at DJ's head, knocking him out and angering his friends. The Hamsters violently attack the other team boat and Anne Maria and Harold are set to pick the cannonballs to the cannons, due to Brick and Anne Maria refusing to shoot and hurt others. Lindsay brings soap and suggests to the team to shoot soap at the Vultures, so the boat will slip and break, annoying her teammates. Anne Maria picks the soap and uses it to stealthily make the floor slippery, when Brick opens the door carrying various cannonballs, he slips and falls on the ground, breaking it and slowly sinking the boat, leading to the Hamsters losing a challenge for the first time. In the water, the team glares at Brick, who slowly backs up while the Vultures cheer in they extremely damaged boat, that suddenly breaks and the teams sinks.
Loser: Heroic Hamsters
Exiled: Courtney
Eliminated: N/A (Originally Brick)

Reason: The team voted out Brick for destroying the boat, but Chris revealed it's a non-elimination episode as Brick is getting a fan favorite status and the program got millions of new viewers due to him.

Saving Private Leechball

Start: The Vultures are seen at the loser cabin, Jo and Heather fight about whose fault is for winning the challenge and which of them should be the team leader, annoying Justin. The Hamsters are seen at the loser cabin, worried about they loss and for the first time eating the losers food. Jo and Heather don't try to align with the others teammates, but fake being in friendly terms with each other and starts a new alliance. Courtney arrives from Boney Island with small scars and with a big raged face. Chris announces the challenge and it starts.
Challenge: The Vultures get a one minute advantage, worrying the Hamsters. They argue to decide who will pick the better weapons, and they choose Brick and DJ to use them, and they make Brick promise he will be more cautious this time. The Hamsters are them free to run and they tries to reach the Vultures, who are almost reaching the weaponry. Jo tries to reach Courtney and talk to her but ends tripping and both of them fall on the ground The Hamsters pass the Vultures by taking another path and reach the weaponry first, giving DJ and Brick with the leach cannon. The Vultures finally reach the weaponry, only to get the slingshots with the Hamsters nowhere to be seen. The main part of the challenge starts and the Hamsters divide themselves into pairs, while the Vultures don't have organization and make random sized teams, leaving Alejandro and Justin alone. Heather and Jo teams up with Courtney and tries to allies with her, much to the latter disgust. Lindsay and Zoey, who are teamed up, shots at them while hidden at the woods, Lindsay hits Courtney head, much to the former pleasure. Zoey hits Heather but Jo runs away. Lindsay happily shoots leaches at Courtney and Heather, greatly hurting them and scaring Zoey, who never knew about the big conflict of Lindsay and Courtney/Heather.

Back to Justin and Alejandro, the boys notices screams and witness Leshawna and Anne Maria fighting each other, with Beth and Harold watching. Alejandro throws a leach at Harold and Beth runs away, Justin proceeds to try throw a leach at Anne Maria, but Leshawna shots various at him and he falls on the ground. Leshawna attacks Alejandro, but misses, until Anne Maria uses her own weapon to hit him. Back at Zoey and Lindsay, they suddenly get ambushed by Duncan and Scott, who throw a leach at Lindsay, Zoey runs to a bush only to find Anne Maria, Beth and Leshawna peacefully walking, who are hit by a leach, only leaving Beth and Zoey, who runs to a close cave. Only to find Owen hiding on the boulders, eating everything he could hide on his pockets from the Spa Hotel. Zoey and Beth are ambushed and try to shoot at Scott and Duncan, but miss and gets out of ammo, the boys get ready to hit the girls, but Zoey borrows Owen gun and pushes his belly. Owen farts and Beth, Duncan and Scott pass out, Zoey triumphantly shoots at the boys. Sierra and Jo teams up as the last remaining Vultures. Chris announces that every remaining contestant should go to the middle of the island to finish the Showdown, which scares Beth but pleases Zoey, who was in clear advantage. The teams finally comes close to each other, revealing that Brick and DJ are still up and with the cannon. With the Hamster in advantage, they easily beat up the Vultures and win the challenge. The Hamsters send DJ to the Exile Island for not being helpful using the cannon and the Vultures goes to the Bonfire once again. However, Chris announces that the Vultures are knocked out and hurt and can't vote or talk, so he decides that the Hamsters will decide the Vulture who is going home.
Loser: Villainous Vultures
Exiled: DJ
Eliminated: Jo

Reason: The Hamsters eliminated the strongest member of the team, as Alejandro was disabled and Scott and Duncan wasn't such a threat.

Food Fright

Start: The Hamsters are pleased on the Spa Hotel, once again. Anne Maria continues with her strategy to fake being nice, irritating Leshawna. The Vultures scene still happens and Courtney and Scott bonds. Chris gathers the teams and introduces a injured DJ, who seems to be still fine and standing after the hard night as a prey on Boney Island. The team shares the Spa Hotel food with DJ. Chris them announces the challenge, adding the Salad Spinner after Scott comment. Courtney stills scolds Scott for his comment, but receives a flirty response in return and she blushes.
Challenge: Sierra and Brick are the first to go. Sierra eats the "blueberries" and vomits, being replaced by Justin. Brick successfully completes the first part of the challenge and proceeds, finishing the course without vomiting. Justin activates one booby trap, shooting a infuriated cat that attacks him, "hurting" his looks and freaking his out. He runs to the obstacle course without finishing the pancake part and finishes it without vomiting. Vultures cheer, but Chris takes him out for not completing the first part. Anne Maria and Heather are the next to do the challenge. Leshawna comes close to Alejandro and tells him about what she saw, he says it was just a dream and ignores her. After Heather and Anne Maria both successfully complete the challenge and leave the spinner, Leshawna and Alejandro are set to finish the pancakes. Leshawna eats fast and dives her head inside the pancake and get close to finishing it, surprising her team. Alejandro sneakly takes a small part of the Hamsters pancakes. Leshawna finishes the entire pancake and runs, while Alejandro still needs a huge part. Leshawna successfully finish the challenge and holds her vomit, Hamsters cheer in excitation.
Campfire Ceremony: The Hamsters watch the Vultures before the voting, and Chris reveals that Hamsters haven't finished they meal yet. He demands that Leshawna stands up and picks the small piece of pancake from her right pocket. Alejandro grins and reveals he did this and Leshawna, in response, eats the last piece. Chris announces Hamsters won again, Alejandro protests, but Chris reveal he haven't eat the full pancake either and if he did, the Vultures would have won. Alejandro looks at his team, who is staring at him and everyone proceeds to the confessional for voting. During the votes, Chris asks who is going to the exile island, and the team starts to think. Anne Maria ends up going, as she "think her team needs it more than her".
Loser: Villainous Vultures
Exiled: Anne Maria
Bottom Two: Sierra and Alejandro
Reasons: Sierra didn't complete the challenge properly and vomited quickly, while Alejandro didn't eat the entire pancake and failed to make his team win.
Eliminated: Alejandro
Reason: The Vultures we're possessed by rage and he failed in the only chance the team had to win.
After Elimination: Scott carves a bird with wood in the stairs of the loser cabin. Courtney leaves her room annoyed due to another fight, this time with Heather and Sierra, she notices Scott and compliments his art, both engage in a friendly talk and Courtney sits with him. Owen sneakly watches them from the windows and screams to them that he loves love, before getting pushed back by DJ, who was watching the scene with him.

Moon Madness

Start: Scott and Courtney are out eating the slop. While Scott seems to be eating with pleasure, Courtney is disgusted by the meal. Scott gives Courtney some advice on how to appreciate every food by talking about the farm he lives and the long amount of times with low amount of food, encouraging Courtney to eat. Inside the Hamsters cabin, the girls talk about Anne Maria and how nice she is and Leshawna shares her theory about Anne Maria not being a good person. The girls seems to agree with Leshawna theory, as Zoey know her more than the others and Beth, Lindsay and Gwen are close to Leshawna, they decide to stay aware to her behavior. In the dinner room, the boys eat DJ's special sandwiches, Brick comments the sanwiches are better than the military food he is used to eat. The megaphones soars and Chris announces that the challenge will be held at one hour at the florest's meadow.
Challenge: A helicopter arrives and Anne Maria leaves from it. Chris announces the challenge and everyone will need to reach the finish line, wich is on the other side of the island by crossing a large bridge and surviving the Harvest Moon. The challenge starts and the Vultures are given meat hats before both teams run. Hamsters takes a shortcut, thanks to Zoey tree climbing skills. Vultures use the common, dangerous path. Both teams fails to get the directions right and get lost. While the Hamsters try to find where they are, Owen tries to pick some berries from a small bush, only to get attacked by a black bunny. Gwen quicks the bunny and it flies away, falling into Heather's hat. Vultures freak out and Heather falls on the ground and Duncan tries to push the bunny, he succeeds and free Heather, only to the vultures to get attacked by a swarm of black bunnies.

Back to the Hamsters, Zoey finally sees the bridge and the team quickly arrives. However, the swarm of bunnies and Vultures arrives as well, all the teams run into the bridge. The bunnies starts to chew the bridge rope and both the teams freak out. Most of the teams arrive, but Owen and Justin are still in, as Owen is to fat to run properly and Justin path is blocked by him. They run out of time and both the bridge rope and they fall. The teams runs to check them, but both are crawling to the finish line. Time passes and the injured teammates both are crawling trough a path. Owen and Justin finally reaches the finish line, both go faster, but are still slow. A annoyed Anne Maria demands DJ and Brick to help Owen, the Vultures copy they attitude, but Justin denies to get help. The boys push Owen and Justin crawls. At the end, Hamsters succeed and win the challenge. Beth is sent to the exile island, as she was the less helpful on the challenges.
Campfire Ceremony: Hamsters watch the ceremony, without Owen. The vultures cast they votes, but the ceremony is interrupted by interns who are pushing a injured Owen in a wellchair, revealing he isn't prone to compete anymore. The Hamsters demands Justin's elimination as well, but Justin reveals he just has small bruises.
Loser: Villainous Vultures
Exiled: Beth
Eliminated: Owen
Reason: Eliminated due to injuries.

No One Eggspects The Tanned Opposition

Start: At the Spa Hotel, Anne Maria gets hair treatment while Zoey and Leshawna spy on her. Zoey say Anne Maria changed, but Leshawna don't agree. Zoey leaves to get food and Leshawna continues her spying, finally witnessing Anne Maria being rude to the hair stylist. Leshawna runs to Zoey, but she don't believes Leshawna story. At the Vultures cabin, Courtney eats her gruel without major disgust, confusing the other girls. Back to the Hamsters, Lindsay and Zoey bonds talking about they former seasons, Zoey then compliments Lindsay and says she "rocks", Lindsay misunderstands and asks Zoey why she is a "fox", Zoey laughs and Lindsay gets confused. Chris talk in the megaphone and everyone reunites in the docks. The challenge is announced and Beth comes back from her exile.

Challenge: The teams rush to find the eggs at the Fun Zone. The males Hamsters and the female Hamsters, minus Anne Maria who goes alone, get separated and try to find the eggs by they own, the Vultures decide to go all alone, with only Scott and Courtney teaming up. Anne Maria walks in the deeps of the jungle until she trips and falls on something, a McLean-Brand Chris Head, she hides it on her pocket. Due to her new advantage, Anne Maria stops doing the challenge and plans something, she hides between the bushes near the starting zone and waits to the teams arrival. The response is quick and a happy Zoey, along with the others girls, holding two eggs in a nest and putting them into the basket before leaving once again. Anne Maria sneakily get off the bushes and steals the eggs, she uses her hair spray to change the eggs color before putting them into the Villains basket and running away, grinning menacingly. In the forest, Scott and Courtney search for the eggs until they find a big nest over a large tree, Scott quickly volunteers to take the eggs for Courtney, getting a smile in response. Scott tries to climb the tree but is surprised to see a eye on a hole before getting grabbed by two giant tentacles and starting screaming. Courtney pushes a near fire breathing flower and aims at the tree, who catches fire and runs away, dropping the eggs gently in Courtney's hand and leaving Scott with a black eye. The Villains go to the starting zone an put they eggs inside the basket before leaving. Anne Maria arrives at the starting zone once again, putting a extra egg in the Villains basket and quickly running away, only to trips on Lindsay's foot. Lindsay helps her "friend" to get up and Anne Maria decides to team up with the girls and leave the starting zone, assuring that the eggs are fine.

During this, they boy Hamsters are still searching unsuccessfully for the eggs. During the search, DJ reminds his fellow teammates of the other seasons Boy's Alliance, something which both DJ and (For safety reasons)Harold were involved. Brick comments on how a Guy's Alliance was a good way for the team to come closer and to keep the "friendship goin'". The guys settle down a new alliance and give tight handshakes. Time passes and the Hamsters are able to get five eggs once again, ruining Anne Maria's plan, in a confessional she comments on how slow and dumb the Vultures are, even after the unfair advantage. Close to this, Sierra is still looking for eggs and is surprised by Heather, who is hiding on the bushes and quickly yells "Alliance, maybe?". Sierra, in response, shoves a flower onto Heather face, and is again surprised by a egg that felt from it. Sierra grabs Heather by her hair and grabs the egg before quickly rushing to the starting line. However, during the run Sierra notices something between bushes and witness Courtney and Scott, sitting together and gushing over each other. Sierra throws Heather at them and warns them of the egg, all of them stand up and run with her. However, they end on a competition after Anne Maria is close to them, holding a egg and running as well. Anne Maria try to go slow at first, but she is surprisingly much quicker. In a last attempt and as a fast made plan, Anne Maria "trips" and breaks the egg centimeters close to the Chill Zone and Sierra completes the challenge for her team, leading to the Vultures second victory after many loses.
Campfire Ceremony: At the ceremony, Vultures watch the Hamsters ceremony. The votes are given and Chris announces that Anne Maria is out. However, she announces that she got the Idol. The Hamsters and Vultures are shocked and Chris announces that Anne Maria now has immunity and Leshawna, the only one who got another vote is eliminated. She freaks out and curses Anne Maria, while Lindsay, Beth and Zoey watches in tears before hugging her friend, who is sent to the flush. The Vultures send Scott to the exile, due to him and Courtney being distracted from the challenge.
Loser: Heroic Hamsters
Exiled: Scott
Eliminated: Leshawna

Suckers Punched

Start: Vultures relax at the Spa Hotel eating the luxurious dinner. However, Courtney is on the hotel's balcony, wondering about Scott's condition at the Exile Island. Sierra enters the balcony, holding a skewer filled with meat and pork and asks what's wrong with Courtney. Courtney explains that she is worried and wants to know what's happening with Scott, Sierra then tries to give Courtney advice and says she should hugs his underwear and leaves the balcony, disgusting Courtney. In the losers cabin, Lindsay seems totally ashamed of what recently happened to her team, Beth tries to says it's Anne Maria's fault, but Lindsay says it isn't her fault if she found the idol. She them stands up and, in a fit of confidence, claims that she is the new "team captain", instantly alarming both Beth and Gwen. In a confessional, Beth reveals she is unsure about Lindsay's decision, as the last team Lindsay tried to be the captain was a huge fail on challenges. Zoey and Anne Maria cheers for her teammate decision. Beth calls Gwen out of the cabin and express her opinion to her, who agrees. Gwen suggests helping Lindsay out, as the decision for having a team captain would cheer up after two eliminations in a row. Close to them, the newly formed Guy's Alliance hang out, playing dares. Brick drink a whole jar of literal beetle juice, while the males cheer. Duncan arrives and ask what they're doing, DJ responds they are "just chilling". Everyone is interrupted by the loud noises of the megaphone calling everyone for the challenge.
Battle Time: Scott is dropped from a helicopter and Chris announces the challenge. Chris says Vultures have one extra point for winning the last challenge, and the Hamsters need to choose two members to not fight. Lindsay quickly volunteers Beth and Harold. The Hamsters confronts Lindsay, but she responds by saying Harold and Beth are the weakest and wouldn't be able to fight properly, much to Gwen and Beth surprise.

Zoey is the first one set to fight and Mike is revealed to be her enemy. Mike greets her and Zoey is unable to fight, however, Lindsay quickly cheers her up and says Mike won't care about this. Still, Zoey refuses to fight and start to leave the arena, but comes back and knock-out Mike with only one hit. The Hamsters cheers and are given one point. Zoey runs for Mike, who don't seems to care at all, she gives him a kiss on the check and he is taken away from the arena.

Scott is the second fighter. And Fang is set to fight him. Scott freezes in fear and is slowly mauled by the shark, but is surprised by Courtney, who attacks Fang and scares him away. Vultures cheer, but they are interrupted by Chris, who considers this as cheating and removes one point of the team. Gwen is the next to fight for her team, and is surprised by both Trent and Duncan at the same time. She protests, but gets ignored by Chris. She tries to hit them, but is unable to. Trent happily says he can help Gwen and hits Duncan, Duncan does the same and they engage in a fight, before knocking out. Gwen wins the challenge and the Hamsters wins one point, while the Vultures lose one, as Duncan lost his fight, greatly angering the Vultures. DJ is the next set to fight, and he is forced on a match with a mutated, giant, two-headed snake. He is attacked and crazily shakes his arms, hitting the snake multiple times and assuring his as winner.

Justin is the next one to fight, and is forced to have a match, however, he desists before even competing, losing one point to his team. When asked why, he states he can't hurt his looks more than before. Heather is the next one and needs to fight her arch-enemy, Alejandro. Heather swiftly rush to hit him, but his strength surpass her. Alejandro holds Heather by the arm and states they don't need to be enemies anymore, as Alejandro can't win the money now. Heather denies the offer, but Alejandro kiss her. Chris is disgusted and so do Heather, who vomits on Alejandro mouth, making Chris vomit as well. Chris takes out one more point of the Vultures and decides the team has lost, as they has no more chance of winning. The Hamsters cheers.
Loser: Villainous Vultures
Exiled: Harold
Eliminated: Justin
Reason: Was totally useless to the challenge and not fought his enemy.

Zeek and Ye Shall Find

Start: The Hamsters are relaxing at the spa hotel once again. Beth is curiously exploring the Hotel searching for fun. She is surprised to find the Monitor Room. She checks all the DVDs, who are all titled, she finds "Lindsay being idiot", "Commando Zoey" and "Leshawna and Leshaniqua" but is more surprised to see a DVD called "Anne Maria, The Backstabber". She plays it and witness the scenes from Fun Zone and Anne Maria changing the eggs and her confessionals. Shocked, Beth runs for her teammates and brings all them to the room, only to see that the DVD isn't there anymore. Hamsters get confused and leave, thinking Beth was trying to eliminate Anne Maria. Both teams are reunited and Chris announces the 100th episode, but is surprised by various shadows, who beat him up and put him into a sack, before leaving. Chef freaks out and set the challenge, but the teams demands new rewards. In the end, the team who rescues Chris would decide who goes home.

Challenge: Zoey leads her team to the caves and Lindsay says they will split up into teams. The Guys Alliance and the girls forms teams and enter in holes. Vultures decide to search by the forest, only to get no results. The team engages in a fight, until Sierra suggests searching in the caves, as Ezekiel lived here in the last season. The team goes all alone by the holes, with only Courtney and Scott pairing up and Heather following Sierra. Meanwhile, in the depths of the cave, Chris wakes up, upside-down over a pool of acid. He yells for help and is scared by eyes on the shadows. He asks who they are, and they are revealed to be Dawn, B, Staci, Noah, Ezekiel, Tyler, Katie, Sadie and Eva. Chris asks why they're doing this, and Tyler responds they want more screentime and want to compete again, which is responded by Chris laughing at him. Zeke snaps his fingers and rats start to chew the rope who is holding Chris. Chris freaks out but hides his fear, while the rejecteds laugh menancingly.

Back to the Hamsters girls, Beth and Zoey conforts Gwen, who is suffering from her clausthrophobia. Lindsay leads the girls, still holding her Captain position. All of them are stopped by a sudden scream of the male Hamsters, the gils rush to find them, with Anne Maria and Beth failing to run and dividing theyselves from the other girls. Meanwhile, Heather is annoying Sierra by asking a alliance with her. Sierra tries to responds Heather, but Heather points out something in her back, Sierra ignores, until she is attacked by shadows, who attacks Heather. The Hamsters girls fails to find the males and Lindsay notices that both Anne Maria and Beth are gone. She demands Zoey to stay still conforting Gwen and leaves to search for they. Zoey tries to cheer Gwen up, but is attacked and captured. Gwen asks where Zoey is and is captured by Ezekiel, who grabs her hair and pushes her to the roof.

Meanwhile, Duncan is all-alone searching for Chis, he ends up tripping into a rock and falling on a hole. He screams for help, but no one comes, he walks a bit and finds Katie and Sadie. They're both carrying sacks and walks to a hole on the wall, Duncan follows them and peeks on the hole, discovering Chris. Anne Maria and Beth walks onto the cave and reaches a path filled with holes on the ground. Anne Maria says to Beth that she needs to be cautious, Beth says that she knows Anne is faking. Anne Maria smiles changes to a frown and swiftly pushes Beth to a hole. Beth grabs onto the borders, but her hands are kicked by Anne Maria. Beth falls onto the reject's lair and sees Chris. Duncan sees Beth, and decides to go berserk, and so does Beth. Both rushes to Chris and try to grab him but Beth pushes Chris to the right, Duncan rushes and pushes Chris to the left, breaking the rope. Chris head hits the acid, but only his hair is burned. The rejects get irate and try to attack them. Chef breaks in by the roof, along with the non-trapped contestants, wearing Chris jetpack and shoots at the rejects with the Meatball Bazooka. The rejects are all trapped, minus Zeke, who vanishes. Zoey asks who won the challenge and Chris announces both teams won and everyone cheers.
Loser: None
Campfire Ceremony: In the end, both teams are reunited at the campfire. Lindsay asks what they are doing here and Chris replies that in fact someone is eliminated, Beth and Duncan. Both, in shock, asks why, Chris responds that they are disqualified due to hurting Chris hair and "beauty". Lindsay gasps and hugs her friend, while the Vultures don't seem to care about Duncan. Before leaving, Beth tries to warn her team about Anne Maria, but they don't hear her, as she already failed to proof she is not good.
Eliminated: Duncan and Beth
Reason: Disqualified for hurting Chris beauty.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

Start: The girls relax at the Spa Hotel, eating the big dinner. Scott enters the room and head to Courtney, he grabs her hand and put a ring onto her hand, made with his shoes laces. Scott proposes to Courtney to be his girlfriend, Courtney accepts and kiss him. The megaphones soars and Chris reunites everyone at the docks.
Challenge: Hamsters runs first and catch up the good boat, letting the Vultures with the Boat of Losers. Chef throws dynamite at the Hamsters boat, but Bricks kick it aways. Chef them throws at the Vultures boat, Heather tells Scott to kick it off, but is ignored, as he is fawning over Courtney. Sierra kicks it away to the water. Anne Maria sneaks to the boat's backside and uses her spray on the engine, breaking it. The Vultures pass the Hamsters and the heroes freak out. Zoey decides to try to fix the engine, only to be shocked by the electricity. Brick notices something odd on the engine, but ignores it. Harold finds paddles inside the boat and the Hamsters start to use it. Vultures pass the finish line and send Hamsters to the campfire, ending the challenge.
Loser: Hamsters
Exiled: Scott
Campfire Ceremony: The votes are cast and Harold is eliminated. However, Chris reveals a fake elimination. Harold smiles.
Eliminated: None (Originally Harold)

Out in Cold

Challenge Reference: The Big Sleep and Are We There Yeti?
Start: All the teams prepare to sleep. Heather again asks for Sierra to form a alliance with her and she angrily rejects once again. Courtney is annoyed and gets to sleep, so does the others. Suddenly, water is shoved at the contestants by Chris in a helicopter, they all wake up, still sleepy, and notice they are on the forest of the Villains side of the island. Chris announces that the teams are now merged and they are all by themselves for now and announces the challenge.
Challenge: Reach the campfire pit on the other side of the island without sleeping while in total famine. The winner will be able to choose anyone to sleep with him/her in the Spa Hotel.
The Challenge: Scott and Courtney team up, so does the guy's alliance. Lindsay asks for Zoey, Anne Maria and Gwen for a gal's alliance, Anne Maria don't like the idea an go by herself. Zoey and Gwen both agree and start running with Lindsay. Heather begs for Sierra to form a alliance with her once again, as they and Anne are the only ones alone in the competition, Sierra finally agrees, but reluctantly. The girls quickly finds they way to the other side by Zoey's tree climbing ability. The guy's get lost on the middle of the forest, Harold finds a river and decides to drink some water, he puts his fingers on the water, only to quickly remove it and get a burn on his skin. Harold questions what happened and Brick says he tried to put his finger on a acid pit, suggesting Harold is starting to hallucinate from sleepiness. Anne Maria quickly runs by the trees, who are now covered in chocolate and made from cotton candy, she stops running and decides to make a brunch, biting the tree and eating a entire branch, before snapping out and vomiting it out. Sierra and Heather are the ones in last. Sierra suggests to carry Heather because she can run faster, Heather refuses at first, but then obliges in fear of going home. They run fast and reach the girls, Lindsay asks them to join her alliance and both, surprisingly, obliges. Lindsay states she is asking for Sierra only, as she and Gwen hates Heather. Zoey whispers in Lindsay's ear that Heather could be a useful part of the alliance and that she should change her mind, Lindsay hears Zoey and accepts her idea. Sierra and Heather joins the other girls and run to the finish line. Meanwhile, Scott and Courtney happily run together, admiring each other. Scott states he really wants Courtney to meet his family and his farm, she responds by giggling and blushing, however, in a confessional, she expresses disgust over farm and states she is a bit reluctant with meeting Scott's family, but would do this for him. She them remembers she is in national TV and asks for pardon to Scott's family, before the camera's flicking out. Back to the couple, Scott finds a colorful flower and grabs it, he offers to Courtney, who screams in fear and flees away, he wonders why, only to get burned by the flower, who breathes fire on his face, revealing the flower to be a hallucination of a fire-breathing flower.

Anne Maria is still walking, now dazzled by both sleep and food scarcity. She is surprised to see the million dollars case, laying on a queen-sized, water bed, very close to a basket, filled with meat, bread and candy. Anne Maria swiftly jumps into the bed and tries to grabs the case, but isn't able to take it from the bed, she squeezes the case and it ends up being gluey, rough and wet. She quickly gets out of her hallucination and ends up noticing she is inside Larry's mouth, only for him to close him mouth, trapping her. The girls reach the middle of the island and the Hero side of it. Zoey quickly grabs some berries to her friends, who happily eat like animals. The girls continue they race, but all of them suddenly get even more sleepy. Zoey is surprised by a whisper calling her name, noticing Mike sitting on a tree trunk, holding a plate, Zoey runs to him and sit next to him. Mike opens the plate and reveals a heart-shaped cake and Zoey blushes. The other girls get confused, as she is flirting with the air, however, all of them get slowly paralyzed too. Lindsay gets to see her boyfriend holding various credits cards and a huge, rich cloth store. Gwen is dazzled by her mother, who gives her a tasty and large buffet, whom she eats with her brother and grandma. Sierra is surprised to see many and many Codies and Heather by a huge pool of money, all to her, which is actually just a river. Back to the boys, DJ tries to guide his teammates, who are to sleepy to run or even walk, he decides to hold his teammates on his shoulders and run, so he can win. While running, he is surprised by his Momma, who is happy to see him team working, he smiles. Harold tells him to ignore what is happening and run, as his Momma is nothing more than a illusion. DJ is to confused to run and get paralyzed by his mother comments about him, before Brick slaps him in the face. DJ snaps out and run, turning his Momma into pure dust. Scott is still searching for his girlfriend, who disappeared in the forest. Scott finally finds his girl, running quickly to her and hugging her. He asks where she gone and if she's okay, she stays silent, he asks what's wrong with her. Courtney starts to levitate, Scott snaps outs of the hallucination and see it's actually a giant root and is grabbed by it. Larry appears from the trees and put Scott in his mouth, revealing Courtney and Anne Maria inside. Lindsay walks in with Tyler, until she trips on her own feet and falls on the cold river, eliminating Tyler's illusion. She screams and wakes her allies up. The girls reunite and continues running, with Heather being held by Sierra. They end up catching with the boys, who fiercely runs. They reach the finish line and DJ pass up them. In a fast moment, Sierra grabs Heather and throws her at the finish line, hitting DJ's head and reaching the finish line first, declaring the challenge ended. Chris decides to take Heather's winning as the girls winning and they all cheer.
Winner: Lindsay, Zoey, Gwen, Heather and Sierra.
Campfire Ceremony: The votes are cast and the girls have immunity. The girls alliance votes on Brick, Harold and DJ for being they main foes, Anne Maria votes for DJ and the couple vote for Brick. At the end, DJ is revealed to be the eliminated. Brick quickly volunteers for exile after the notice, confusing the others. However, everyone joins in a group hug with DJ to cheer him up before he takes the flush.
Exiled: Brick
Eliminated: DJ
Reason: He was much skilled, more than the others, so they saw him as a threat.

Truth or Tear

Challenge Reference: Aftermath IV and No Pain, No Game
Start: The girls relax they stay at the Spa Hotel in the dining room, Heather enters in the room holding a huge paper and a pen, putting it onto the table. She says the newly formed Girl's Alliance needs a strategy, Lindsay responds by saying Heather favorite strategy is eliminating her allies, which Heather ignores. Zoey states they only need to work together but Heather denies, stating that this isn't a real strategy, Gwen replies that they are the biggest alliance on the game and they are on advantage, demanding Heather to chill, before leaving the room holding a toast. The other girls agree and leave to other rooms as well, leaving Heather angry. Courtney is angered by Scott scaring her and making they lose the challenge on the last night and Scott tries to explain what happened to her. Courtney ignores him and keeps her rage, greatly depressing Scott. Anne Maria, in a confessional, states that she is still angry for her loss in the last night and decides to take a shoot in the girl's alliance, just to betray them. Harold, in a confessional, tries to solve what Brick's intention was when he volunteered for exile, and thinks that this was just part of his sleepless condition. Chris calls in everyone to the stage, Brick is dropped from a helicopter, and Chris announces the day challenge.
The Challenge: Answer a question about the show, if it's right, someone will perform a torture, if wrong, you perform the torture. The last contestant that don't desist will win.
Challenge: Anne Maria is the first one to answer the question. Which is What was the third season about?, Anne Maria responds it was about Singing and Planes, giving her a point. She them chooses Harold to do the dare. Harold is forced to enter in a cabin filled with bees for five minutes, which he succeeds, but gets stung multiple times. Chris asks him a question, which is How many clothes Lindsay has seen wearing in the show?. Harold is confused by the question and answer, 7. Chris marks it as wrong and forces him to do other dare, which is fight Sasquatchanakwa, whom he easily desists. Chris calls Lindsay for the next question and asks her Who was the last contestant eliminated before the merge in the fourth season?. Lindsay says it was Lakota. Chris considers it as right and Lindsay chooses Courtney to do the dare, which is eat a disgusting meal, she accepts. Chef arrives with a plate and opens it, revealing Green Jelly leading to Courtney desisting. The challenge proceeds, and Scott, Sierra, Gwen, Brick and Anne Maria all desists. Chris decides to do a final dare with all the three girls.
Second Challenge: Eat leaches pie without vomiting.
The Feast: The girl start to eat, with Lindsay shoving her face into the plate. Heather tries to eat, but is so disgusted that she is unable to, while Zoey shoves the food own her troath. Lindsay peacefully eats without problems, like normal food. In a confessional, she states she is the most used to eat that kind of food since the first season. While eating, one of the leaches of Lindsay plate moves and the others girls shiver in disgust, even more after she eats it, vomiting on Lindsay's face in the process, making her win the challenge.
Winner: Lindsay
Before Ceremony: The girl's alliance reunite in the campfire pit before the ceremony and tries to settle they vote, having a small discussion. Anne Maria talks with the boys and he reveals his immunity idol, the reasons he got to exile. Anne Maria convince him and Harold to vote on a girl and they both agree.
Campfire Ceremony: Everyone casts they votes and Chris announces Brick is eliminated. Brick then tries to reveal his idol, but can't find it on his pockets. He begs to Chris for him to let he search for his idol, but Chris don't cares about him, he them starts to beg for Chris. Anne Maria sneaks in next to and whispers to him that he won't have a chance without Brick, and that he should desist, as he would split the money with Brick anyway. Harold is easily fooled and stands up from his log, volunteering for elimination. Chris them says he is tired of them both anyway, and decides to flush they both, the boys try to argue with him, but Chef grab them and thows them at the Flush. The remaining contestans wave goodbye and both of them are flushed, and Harold screams Chris will pay for that. Chris them asks who is going to be exiled for that night, Lindsay chooses Courtney to the exile only for they conflict, angering Scott.
Exiled: Courtney
Eliminated: Brick and Harold
Reason: Brick was choosen to be eliminated by the girls and Harold was tricked to exist by Anne Maria.

The Obsta-Kill Course

Start: At the losers cabin, Scott tries to talk to Courtney, but she is still angry at him. Scott becomes depressed due to this and Courtney starts to end her behavior to him, but not express this to him. The Girl's Alliance reunite at the forest, Lindsay brings the Spa Hotel food to them. Zoey states she still confused about what happened at the last ceremony and Heather suggest Brick didn't had a idol at all. Sierra says Brick won't lie about having a idol for what she saw on the last season, Zoey agrees. Lindsay says the don't need to care about this and should continue they strategy, winning. The megaphones soar and Chris reunites everyone at the forest. Chris says Lindsay will have a extra reward for winning the last challenge, choosing someone to come back to the game. She quickly says she want Beth to come back and Chris calls in a helicopter using his phone. Beth leaves the helicopter and run to hug her friends. Lindsay informs her about the newly formed alliance and Chris announces the challenge.
The Challenge: Everyone runs to the first obstacle. Scott gets punched by a giant boxing glove and Courtney gets concerned about him, he stands up and she runs away relieved. Beth has problems running in the tires, Lindsay and Zoey stops to help her running and the other girls watch, obviously bothered. Sierra, in the confessional, states Beth is only destroying the alliance "bond". Anne Maria runs by them, giving goodbye to the "losers". However, she is stopped by fire who suddenly come out from a tire, she is able to dodge it and gets relieved, before noticing her hair is burning and running away in fear and stomping her face to the ropes climbing part and coliding to the wired rope, eletrocuting her and extinguishing the fire from her hair. Courtney and Scott reaches as well and climbs the ropes, noticing the injured Anne Maria sitting on the ground. Scott climbs on the eletric rope and gets eletrocuted, Anne Maria notices it and continues trying to stand up. Still on the tires, Beth is almost on the end and states the others can run without her, they do so. Zoey rushes to the dog rope, but falls easily and states her allergy, Lindsay them climbs the rope. All the girls reach the top of the ropes area and go to the third trap. Anne Maria finally is able to get up and climbs the normal rope, she them pushes all the ropes up, leaving only the eletric to Beth, who reaches some time after this. Beth tries to climb the rope, but falls from the shock, trapping her on the second trap.

In the third trap, Scott is the first to go, but is bitten by many turtles and fall, but is caught by Courtney. They both lovingly look at each other, before a turtle bits Courtney hand and they both fall. The girls climbs the ladder and Anne Maria goes by the upper part. Anne Maria then turns around and insults the turtles, who attack her and the other girls furiously, however, she is protected by her hair and backcap, but the other girls falls. She continues her path and is the first to get to the zipline, without no one to bother her, she easily pass the finish line and wins the challenge.
Winner: Anne Maria
Before Ceremony: Courtney finally talks to Scott, and decides to come back with him, much to his pleasure. However, she forces him to promise her he won't do anything wrong again. In the forest, the Girl's aliance, without Beth, decide to vote off Beth, much to Lindsay displeasure. Heather states she convinced the others to vote on her, as well.
Campfire Ceremony: Chris gives Marshmallows to Sierra, Courtney, Scott, Heather, Gwen and Zoey. Leaving only Lindsay and Beth. Chris then announces Beth is eliminated, saddening her friend. Anne Maria is asked who is going to exile and she says Lindsay is a good choice. Chef grabs Lindsay and throws her at the boat and Chris closes the episode.
Exiled: Lindsay
Eliminated: Beth
Reason: Was useless to the Girl's alliance.


Below is a table of information that shows each character's elimination in Total Drama All-Stars.

Elimination Table
# Contestant 1 2 31 4 5 6 7 8 91 10 11 12 13
9th Beth WIN WIN IN WIN WIN EXILE IN WIN OUT Returns Episode 13 OUT
17th Alejandro LOW LOW WIN IN OUT
19th Lightning IN OUT
20th Ezekiel OUT

1 - This episode don't have elimination

Color significance

     WIN: Was on the winning team (pre-merge); Won individual challenge (post-merge).

     IN: Had their name called at the Bonfire Ceremony.

     EXILE: Were exiled to Boney Island.

     LOW: Received the final marshmallow(s) at the Bonfire Ceremony.

     LEFT/OUT: Eliminated in this episode.

     FINALS: Made it to the finals of Total Drama All-Stars.


Chapter 1

Zeke - 8 (Courtney, Duncan, Alejandro, Jo, Lightning, Justin, Scott and Sierra)
Alejandro - 2 (Heather and Zeke)

Chapter 2

Lightning - 8 (Everyone but Lightning)
Alejandro - 1 (Lightning)

Chapter 4

Alejandro - 7 (Everyone but Alejandro)
Sierra - 1 (Alejandro)

Chapter 5

Anne Maria - 8 (Everyone but Anne Maria)
Sierra - 1 (Anne Maria)

Chapter 6

Justin - 4 (Courtney, Scott, Heather and Duncan)
Heather - 2 (Justin and Sierra)

Chapter 9

DJ - 8 (Heather, Sierra, Zoey, Scott, Courtney, Lindsay, Anne Maria and Gwen)
Scott - 2 (Harold and DJ)
Anne Maria - 1 (Brick)

Chapter 10

Brick - 6 (Heather, Sierra, Zoey, Scott, Lindsay and Gwen)
Sierra - 4 (Anne Maria, Brick, Harold and Courtney) </i>

Chapter 13

Beth - 6 (Heather, Sierra, Zoey, Scott, Gwen and Courtney)
Lindsay - 1 (Lindsay)
Anne Maria - 1 (Beth)



Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Owen Male 16th 10th Moon Madness Eliminated by injuries.
Leshawna Female 15th 9th No One Eggspects The Tanned Opposition Anne Maria held the most votes, but she had a idol. Leshawna got one vote more than others and was sent home.
DJ Male 12th 8th Out in Cold. Was so skilled and strong that others saw him as a threat.
Brick Male 11th 7th Truth or Tear. Was choosen to be eliminated by the girls and got his idol stolen.
Harold Male 10th 6th Truth or Tear. Was tricked by Anne Maria to exit.
Beth Female 9th 5th The Obsta-Kill Course Was slowing the Girl's alliance.


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Ezekiel Male 20th 10th Heroes vs Villains He was to feral to even be on Total Drama, so the team decided to throw him out.
Lightning Male 19th 9th Evil Dread He was so useless to the challenge that his teammates became annoyed of him and he was thrown out.
Jo Female 18th 8th Saving Private Leachball The Hamsters saw Jo as a threat and decided to vote her out.
Alejandro Male 17th 7th Food Fright Failed to cheat on the challenge and got eliminated.
Justin Male 14th 6th Suckers Punched Didn't fight.
Duncan Male 12th 5th Zeek and Ye Shall Find Disqualified.

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