I just want to hear people opinion about characters and spark discussion. You can give you own opinion or just state you answers, I don't care.

The Questions

  • Most fodder character:
  • Biggest floater:
  • Fandom Pet:
  • Fandom Nightmare:
  • Worst Character:
  • Best Character:
  • Most developed character:
  • Least developed character:
  • Most annoying character:
  • Funniest character:
  • Best Team:
  • Best RR Team:
  • Worst Team:
  • Worst RR Team:
  • Best Season:
  • Worst Season (Besides TDAS):
  • Best Cast:
  • Worst Cast:
  • Best Host:
  • Worst Host:
  • Best WT Location:
  • Worst WT Location:
  • Best RR Location::
  • Worst RR Location:
  • Best TDI episode:
  • Worst TDI episode:
  • Best TDA episode:
  • Worst TDA episode:
  • Best TDWT episode:
  • Worst TDWT episode:
  • Best ROTI episode:
  • Worst ROTI episode:
  • Worst TDAS episode:
  • Best PI episode:
  • Worst PI episode:

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