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  • I live in Hell
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is Do a Barrell Roll
  • I am Dakotazoid
  • Bubble-Blitz

    Total Drama: Haunted Castle (Originally Drama Total O Castelo Assombrado, which translates to Total Drama The Haunted Castle) is the first season of Bubble and Bella's fanfiction.

    The original version was in Brazilian Portuguese. The translation is made by Bubble and revised by Gordon.

    This season involves twenty-one different contestants of different ethnicities and cultures that are participating in a reality show in a castle, known as "Total Drama: Haunted Castle". The twenty-one chosen contestants were divided into three teams representing their most striking features; the Savage Gorillas, strength, power or darkness, the Gorgeous Butterflies, grace, beauty and elegance and Wise Dolphins, intelligence, wit and knowledge. The members of each…

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  • Bubble-Blitz

    This is made to record stuff we did in the chat.

    • Names: Violette (OC1) and Eddie (OC2)
    • Gender: Female (OC1), Male (OC2)
    • Relationship: Childhood Friends
    • Friends: Sisters, LARPers and Rockers
    • Neutral: Surfers Dudes
    • Enemies: Ice Dancers and Fashion Bloggers (One-sided)
    • Alliances: LARPers and Rockers (Unofficial)

    • OC1 and OC2 choose to do the stairs and do very bad being the last to reach the line. They are forced into the 3rd plane.
    • Surfer Dudes: Bad! They tried to interact with the Surfer Dudes in the plane, but had a weird conversation who made both teams embarrassed, at least it wasn't a disaster.
    • Larpers: Good! We share a nice conversation and bond a lot, we share life experiences and some history about ourselves until the plane lands! LARPers are now our friend…

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  • Bubble-Blitz

    Questions for TD fans

    January 19, 2016 by Bubble-Blitz

    I just want to hear people opinion about characters and spark discussion. You can give you own opinion or just state you answers, I don't care.

    • Most fodder character:
    • Biggest floater:
    • Fandom Pet:
    • Fandom Nightmare:
    • Worst Character:
    • Best Character:
    • Most developed character:
    • Least developed character:
    • Most annoying character:
    • Funniest character:
    • Best Team:
    • Best RR Team:
    • Worst Team:
    • Worst RR Team:
    • Best Season:
    • Worst Season (Besides TDAS):
    • Best Cast:
    • Worst Cast:
    • Best Host:
    • Worst Host:
    • Best WT Location:
    • Worst WT Location:
    • Best RR Location::
    • Worst RR Location:
    • Best TDI episode:
    • Worst TDI episode:
    • Best TDA episode:
    • Worst TDA episode:
    • Best TDWT episode:
    • Worst TDWT episode:
    • Best ROTI episode:
    • Worst ROTI episode:
    • Worst TDAS episode:
    • Best PI episode:
    • Worst PI episode:

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  • Bubble-Blitz

    TDAS in my way

    December 3, 2015 by Bubble-Blitz

    This blog is my own opinion, if you don't like it, it's not my fault.

    I just detest TDAS so much that i will redo it my own way! I ain't so good with english language, its not my first language, so errors are constant.

    The main problem of TDAS was the number of characters and episodes. How could it be ALL if there was only 14 contestants and 13 episodes? I think 20 characters and 20 episodes should be even better than the bland 14/13. As this season focus was the contestants (Mainly Mal and Zoey) and not the actual season, changing the numbers seems fine.

    Other thing that bothered me, a lot, the setting. Really? Wawanakwa? For the third time?! I love the island and it's nostalgic, but they are overusing it and they even gave us the big pleasur…

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