This is my prediction blog about Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. This is my thoughs and opinions about this season. Well, the content above is what I think that will happen in the fourth season of Total Drama, based on the little information that we got. Also, it's a pre-season thoughs. My opinions about the characters can change while the season progress.

The contestants

Ann Maria

Runaway Model (10)
  • I love Ann Maria. I hate JS, but for some reason, I loved her. She's my favorite, as of now. She seems a mix between three characters that I love (Heather, Lindsay and Leshawna), and it will mix well. xP She will be either a antagonist or a anti-hero. As a Jersey Shore parody, I think she will have "relationships" with a some of the male contestants. I see her make it far, and she will cause some drama here, and will be a somewhat humorous character.

Role: Antagonist/Anti-Hero

Ranking: 8th-1st


  • For some reason, I liked this guy. I think he will be a strong and helpfull character, but very silent. He will have a lot of friends, and he can either annoying everyone with the quietness, or his team will like to stay with him in their side, because he is strong. If he make it past the merge, he will be voted off as a treat.

Role: Protagonist

Ranking: 10th-6th


  • This dude is my 2nd favorite, as of now. He will be athletic, strong, maybe the leader of his team, will have a conflict with Ann Maria and Cameron, and a possible friendship/relationship with Jo. I can see him make to the merge, and make it really far.

Role: Anti-hero/Protagonist

Ranking: 8th-1st


  • This guy seems awesome. For some reason, I liked him. He will have a conflict with Jo and Brick, and maybe Ann Maria will use him for a alliance. I like him, but I don't think he will make it to the merge.

Role: Protagonist

Ranking: 13th-8th


  • Dakota will be someone that will do anything to be famous. Heather, the antagonist, was one of the most famous TDI contestant, so, she may act as a antagonist for gain some fame. Based on the trailers, she didn't apperead that much, but she seems to make it far. In my opinion, she can be either the 1st eliminated, or won the season.

Role: Antagonist/Anti-Hero

Ranking: 13th-1st


  • She's so cute. I love her (who doesn't? xD). She seems a important character, and she will make really far. She's the one that will make it to the merge. She seems calm and laidback, so, I think she will have a everyone-friendship. And for some reason, I can see her and Cameron in a relationship.

Role: Protagonist

Ranking: 7th-1st


  • Jo will be a slight calmer version of Eva. By the trailer, she will have a conflict with Cameron and Ann Maria, and a possible friendship/relationship with Brick. She will be strong and athletic, and will be very helpfull to her team. I can see her making to merge, and will won some challenges. Howver, like Eva, her bad temper can cause her elimination, or she will be a treat and will be eliminated.

Role: Anti-Hero

Ranking: 10th-4th


  • Lighting will be a very athletic character, and will won a lot of challenges. he's one of the characters that I'm sure that will make it to the merge, and will won a lot of challenges. I can see him with either a everyone-conflict or a everyone-friendship. I can see him even wining the season.

Role: Anti-Hero/Protagonist

Ranking: 7th-1st


Mike Sandbox
  • Mike is one of the most interesting character in this season. I think one of his personality is a nice, likeable guy with a friendship with everyone, and other as a mean, strategist, antagonist-type of character, with a conflict with everyone. His nice personality likes Zoey, while his antagonist personality likes Ann Maria. And he will cause some drama. I can see him make it very far, but not wining the season.

Role: Antagonist/Anti-Hero/Protagonist

Ranking: 8th-3rd


  • This guy is awesome. He is a nice guy gamer, so, he will have a lot of friends. However, I think he will not be very helpful, will only play his video-game, and will get the boot.

Role: Protagonist

Ranking: 13th-7th


  • This guy is going to be thew antagonist. I think he's gonna be almost as good as Heather (but she's way better. xD). He will make it to the merge, and will be a strong contestant. And he will cause a lot of drama. I would love to see him with a relationship with Dakota.

Role: Antagonist

Ranking: 7th-1st


  • Staci will be a annoying-type of character. She didn't appeared that much in the trailers, and her team seems annoyed by her. However, I can see her as a secret antagonist, and will make it far. It would be a huge shock. However, I doubt if she will make it the merge.

Role: Antagonist/Anti-Hero/Protagonist

Ranking: 13th-8th


  • Zoey will be a likeable character. I can totally see her with a relationship with Mike. People will like her, but I don't think her that much merge-worth. If she make it the merge, she would be the 1st voted off after it.

Role: Protagonist

Ranking: 10th-7th



  • Everyone and B
  • Everyone and Dawn
  • Everyone and Sam
  • Everyone and Zoey
  • Ann Maria and Cameron
  • Ann Maria and Mike*
  • B and Dawn
  • Brick and Jo
  • Brick and Lightning
  • Cameron and Sam
  • Mike and Zoey*


  • Everyone and Ann Maria
  • Everyone and Dakota
  • Everyone and Jo
  • Everyone and Scott
  • Everyone and Mike*
  • Ann Maria and Brick
  • Ann Maria and Jo
  • Ann Maria and Zoey
  • Cameron and Brick
  • Cameron and Jo
  • Mike and Zoey*
  • Staci and Her Team


  • Ann Maria and Lightning
  • Ann Maria and Mike*
  • Ann Maria and Scott
  • B and Dawn
  • Brick and Jo
  • Cameron and Dawn
  • Dakota and Scott
  • Mike and Zoey*
  • Sam and Staci



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