aka Carla Shaw

  • I live in I can see the statue of liberty from here.
  • I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is feel like a deer, in the headlights of love.
  • I am the queen of the universe. The waves part and they engulf me, and the water is warm.
  • BrunoSomebody

    This is my prediction blog about Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. This is my thoughs and opinions about this season. Well, the content above is what I think that will happen in the fourth season of Total Drama, based on the little information that we got. Also, it's a pre-season thoughs. My opinions about the characters can change while the season progress.

    • I love Ann Maria. I hate JS, but for some reason, I loved her. She's my favorite, as of now. She seems a mix between three characters that I love (Heather, Lindsay and Leshawna), and it will mix well. xP She will be either a antagonist or a anti-hero. As a Jersey Shore parody, I think she will have "relationships" with a some of the male contestants. I see her make it far, and she wil…

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