And out on the very day of Halloween, a long forgotten (And ill remembered to begin with) member appeared again!

I've oftentimes thought that some interactions that never took place should've happened, as it may be beneficial to the development of both characters. I'll name an example or 2:


Some interaction between Topher and Rodney would've been really great for both of them! Since Rodney practically never interacts with any other guy and Topher never really interacts with anyone but Chris. Since Topher appears to be a dashing fella who looks and acts charming ('You're up baby), Rodney looks up a little bit to Topher and asks him for advices, which Topher gives, but are outright poor advices or poorly executed by Rodney. Other than that, they could function as a muscle-and-brain duo (With Rodney having more muscle than Topher has brain).

Another interaction that would've been nice would be between Dave and Topher (Yes, Topher again, he really needs to interact with others!) as a unlikely and slightly dysfunctional friendship with Dave constantly being bothered by Topher's selfishness and vanity.

Do you guys have any suggestions? Don't shy away from thinking about other seasons too!

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