As we all may know, the present day episode Haute Camp-Ture wasn't always this interview-with-the-eliminated-contestants episode, but a actual challenge! And with that, which concept did you people like better? The one we never got, or the one we have now?

Let's sum up a little how they stack against each other and what they could bring to the table, okay?

The original was part of the competition and would've been a modeling challenge, here's a brief description:

Each camper is getting their minutes of fame - or make that, five minutes of shame, when they compete in the Total Drama Modeling Challenge. Dressed in heels in wigs and forced to strut their stuff, they will be judged on their walking, talking and hawking as they participate in the photo shoot. Owen scores big points with the judges, but loses big time friendships when he gets caught in multi-alliances. If the campers humiliation weren't tested to the limits, their courage will be when they are told they must do their final catwalk performance on a tiny runway over a pit of crocodiles! In the end, one camper reigns supreme when they fall into the croc pits and face off with the hungry beasts.

Now, aside from sounding considerably insane for Total Drama Island's standards, I am curious as to how this episode and its challenge would've turned out! As well as Owen being forced to choose who to align himself with, which I feel would've been a great addition to the progress of the remaining episodes and to his interactions and character altogether! It also would be, as it would turn out, a much more proper way to get rid of Leshawna instead of the rather crooked way she was kicked off instead.

Now let's talk about the the Haute Camp-Ture that we got; It provided something completely different! Instead of the competition and the focus being on the remaining campers, we went to check on how the eliminated teens were doing! And with that, it provided something that made the current episode so fun; attention to the less focused on... mostly then!

So, which Haute Camp-Ture would you have preferred? The old or the current one?

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