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Personally, I find Sky a compelling character, she's competitive and chooses competition over boys, which is a rare occurrence on Total Drama. She also makes honest mistakes, and that's perhaps why I like her so much. However, I have to agree that she's a bit too flat in her obsession with winning, which she has to mention in almost every episode, and that she's somewhat lacking with more inherent flaws in her personality. Therefore, I think it would be a great yet believable addition to her personality if she was a little too proud of herself and easily made herself come over as boastful, not to the extent of Lightning where he constantly brags about what he can and what he did, but more like how she couldn't help but smile when Ella told her Dave crushed on Sky in Mo Monkey Mo Problems, often unaware of how big-headed she comes across as. As ArtDraw pointed out in his, if I'm allowed to say incredible,blog[[1]], Sky has a high chance of returning, and I hope they'd add something with the likes of this to her character.

Amy and Samey


What is there to be said about these two? Well, these two are polar opposites, as we all know, but you know what I missed in their personalities? Depth (Though that is a common problem with other characters from TDPI). Amy was inherently bad and Samey inherently innocent. However, I always envision Samey just as capable to be as heartless as Amy is if given the opportunity, to symbolize they are truly identical twins. At the same time, I think it would do Amy well if she had at least a few redeeming qualities, naturally. This would make Samey a little less boring, because no matter how much I relate to her 'downtrodden sibling' situation it wasn't used to the fullest, and would make Amy a more dimensional character at the same time!

What do you people think of this? Or do have ideas of your own?

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