Today I'd like to discuss the evolution of the Total Drama Series with you.

When Total Drama Island aired, it was a fairly realistic series with only minor surreal undertones (Think of the curse, the serial killer, the stymphalian geese ETC.) Total Drama Action was the same and Total Drama World Tour saw a light but notable increase in surrealism (The biggest offenders being mostly Aliens, and surviving a burning river of magma, am I right Alejandro? But despite that, I personally found that the series could still pass at feeling realistic enough.

Then Total Drama: Revenge of the Island(Total Drama Reloaded was a way better title) came...

Dumping teenagers on a radioactive dump? And them living through it?! Yeah right. This season was really unreal for a cartoon that's supposed to lampoon 'Reality' television. The same counts, although in lesser amounts for 'Shudder' Total Drama All-Stars (But we can't fully count that...Season anyway) and especially Total Drama Pahkitew Island. A mechanical island? Sure, we have an entire artificial province down here, and of course it's possible to have a manmade island, but I'm sure it can't be robotic. It was such a downer for me when it turned out to be mechanical.

What are you yapping about? I may hear some of you think (If it aren't the voices in my head.), but that realistic aspect is what makes the show believable. You can't think to run into characters like Max in real life right? And combined with the aim for younger audiences, kind of decreases the quality of what we (Or at least I) were used to.

But that can all be explained by the changing of writers and, like I mentioned before, the change of demographic they aim at. The question is, did this change of style bring good things too?

What's your opinion of this? Feel free to discuss, but of course, stay polite!


P.S. I really hope that RR will return to being a little more realistic.

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