'Festive trumpet music plays as an assortment of sound effects like roaring elephants and steam engines storm into your ears as you open this page'

Welcome welcome! I- What? Oh wait, I'm not supposed to welcome you, so I'll skip that 25 minute long song-filled part of this blog! So to left off where we went; Hi! I'm Broodje Kroket (Call me BK, Kroket or Broodje as abbreviation if you like)! I'm Dutch, from both Holland and The Netherlands (Yes, it are 2 different things) and I greet you all! 'Festive horn blows'

Since I joined the...'Checks the topic of the wiki' Total Drama wiki, why don't I tell about how I got hooked up on Total Drama? It all started 5 years ago when it was still 2008. It was autumn and I was watching some TV out of boredom, then I came across Total Drama Island, and while it didn't interest me at first, an animated reality show. The concept would grow on me as I stuck around for a few episodes until I saw X-treme Torture, when Heather flashed her precious, and I was like 'They can't just show that on TV! Even by The Netherland's liberal TV standards!'. When I realized that they could, I found it slightly more awesome! Too bad that I was watching with my mom, awkward! (Don't worry, that last part was a joke)

The fun wouldn't last however, because Total Drama Disappeared from the channel I watched it on and I largely forgot about it. Until around the end of 2010, when I saw an advertisement for this wiki and I eventually thought 'Total Drama? Hey, I know that! I better check it out for a second...' And before I knew it, that second became 3.5 years because that's the amount of time I've been haunting the wiki as an anonymous guest...Until an hour ago! When I signed up as a member! Wow, childhood sentiment finally turns into something!

My favorite characters/couples? Let's leave that in the middle for a while, it's way too early for me to make enemies/BFF's. :D

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do here, I tried RP'ing once and that turned out to be a disaster, so I'm out for that! Chat sessions aren't my thing either but I love me a good discussion on the talk page and writing reviews (Which I will do for the upcoming TDPI episodes in English). I don't really know how to appropriately edit pages/edit signatures and the likes, but if you are so friendly to provide me with a guide, I'd be very grateful!

I'm not much of an artist, I tried drawing TD style several times but the amount of practice it will take before I can master it lets my mind toy with the concept of eternal procrastination.

I am an author though (Author, author is such a big word, I'm just an ordinary fanficition writer)! I have an account on with 3 TD stories. I'm not going to shamelessly promote myself here, so you'll have to see for yourself here, at my page! One tip though, if you plan on reading Total Drama Vengeance, please skip the first 8 chapters, they're not up to the quality standard of the rest of the story!

And in case you wondered, I named myself after a regional snack. Why would you name yourself after a snack that looks like a turd in a bun you ask? Yeah Well, I need to get an original username from something! Besides, deep-fried ragout filled snacks coated with bread crumbs- (What a mouthful, we'll just call it a crocket) are just so darn tasty!

I think that's my whole life story for now. the paperback of this enthralling tale will soon be released!

And finally, as you can see, I write like how I would talk!

Until you hear the next of me! Groeten!

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