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  • I live in The Netherlands (All Hail)
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is supermarket re-stocker 1st grade (alright, that last part was just an unessacary addition...)
  • I am Dutch!
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    Good day, in these dark, uncertain times,


    Personally, I find Sky a compelling character, she's competitive and chooses competition over boys, which is a rare occurrence on Total Drama. She also makes honest mistakes, and that's perhaps why I like her so much. However, I have to agree that she's a bit too flat in her obsession with winning, which she has to mention in almost every episode, and that she's somewhat lacking with more inherent flaws in her personality. Therefore, I think it would be a great yet believable addition to her personality if she was a little too proud of herself and easily made herself come over as boastful, not to the extent of Lightning where he constantly brags about what he can and what he did, but more like ho…

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  • Broodje Kroket

    As we all may know, the present day episode Haute Camp-Ture wasn't always this interview-with-the-eliminated-contestants episode, but a actual challenge! And with that, which concept did you people like better? The one we never got, or the one we have now?

    Let's sum up a little how they stack against each other and what they could bring to the table, okay?

    The original was part of the competition and would've been a modeling challenge, here's a brief description:

    Each camper is getting their minutes of fame - or make that, five minutes of shame, when they compete in the Total Drama Modeling Challenge. Dressed in heels in wigs and forced to strut their stuff, they will be judged on their walking, talking and hawking as they participate in the …

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  • Broodje Kroket

    Goe'avond forum!

    Well, it's been well over 6 months since the 1st season finale of The Ridonculous Race. And after all these months, are you people still thinking as favorably/unfavorably about after the peace had returned?

    To me, it was the best thing that has happened to the TD series as a whole for a long time, it was a long-awaited fresh breeze into the series that opened up a whole lot of new possibilities and ways to go! And despite the completely different approach, it still felt like the early days of Total Drama Island; no massive derailing, no incredibly idiotic plots and with more than enough feel-good moments squeezed in between everything else!

    However. if there is one thing I'm a little disappointed about though, it's about how …

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  • Broodje Kroket

    Hey all! You don't remember me, Broodje Kroket!

    Anyway, the forum's currently so busy going at each other's virtual throats that we forgot what for day it was yesterday.

    Indeed, yesterday it has been exactly 8 years ago since Total Drama Island premiered and started it all (Though, we all do realize the fandom didn't start to fully exist until it went international a year later)! Come on, let's lighten the mood a little and celebrate! 'Party horn'

    Now that we're at it, tell us your fondest memories of the show!

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    The theme song!

    The full cast list!

    Quick, save it before it's gone!

    Here's your 6th sentence you bureaucrats!

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