Total Drama had many, many great moments, but which one is the ultimate?

Your job: choose AT LEAST five of these, and whichever ones get the most votes move on to the next round.  These moments are either funny, awesome, or tense!

DJ saying "Oh sh**" at the end of Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

Harold's mad skillz in Dodgebrawl

Harold's beat boxing in Not Quite Famous

Beth standing up to Heather in Paintball Deer Hunter

Duncan setting Chef off in Basic Straining

Heather's top ripping off in X-Treme Torture

Izzy and Chef's epic fist fight in Hide and Be Sneaky

Lindsay telling Heather off in That's Off the Chain!

Gwen defeating the killer in Hook, Line, and Screamer

Mr Coconut in Camp Castaways

Gwen and Heather working together in Are We There Yeti?

Heather losing her hair in I Triple Dog Dare You!

Chris getting thrown in the water in The Very Last Episode, Really!

Team E-Scope getting the case off Justin in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

That's it for TDI, post your choices in the comments below :-) next blog will be the next round.  Comment any that I have missed, but if you notice one missing, do that BEFORE you vote.  Thanks :D

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