Hello people

After a f***ing hilarious conversation with a few users, I decided to make a blog post about it.  Anything TD related will be referenced to Shrek.  Yep, Shrek.

Those of you who were in the conversation, comment any that I forgot, or better Shrek-ified sayings.

Hope you enjoy XD

Total Drama Island:

Set in Shrekanakwa


Not so happy Shreks parts one and two

The big Shrek

Dodge Shrek

Not quite Shrek

The Shrekky outdoors

Shrek factor

Up Shrek's swamp

Paintball Shrek hunter

If you can't take the Shrek...

Who can Shrek trust?

Basic Shrekking

X-treme Shrek

Brunch of Shrekkiness

No Shrek, no game

Shrek and do not destroy

Hide and be Shrekky

That's off the Shrek!

Hook, line and Shrek

Shrekanakwa gone wild!

Trial by tri-Shrek triathlon

Haute Shrek-ture

Shrek castaways

Are we there Shrek?

I triple dog dare Shrek!

The very last Shrek, really!

Total Shrek, Shrek, Shrek, Shrek island

Total Drama Action (except aftermaths) 

Monster Shrek

Shrek's resurr-eggtion

Shrek on set

Beach blanket Shrek

3:10 to Shrek town

The Shrekshank redemption

One flew over Shrek's swamp

Shrek's sand-witch project

Masters of Shrek

Full metal Shrek

Ocean's eight...or Shrek

One million Shreks BC

Million dollar Shreks

Dial S for Shrek

Super Shrek ID

The princess Shrek

Get a Shrek!

Rock 'n Shrek

Crouching Donkey, hidden Shrek

2008: a space Shrek

Top Shrek

Mutiny on Shrek's swamp

Celebrity manhunts Total Drama Shrek reunion special

Total Drama World Tour (once again except aftermaths)

Walk like Shrek parts one and two

Super angry get-out-of-my-swamp Ja-Shrek-pan

Anything Donkey can do, Shrek can do better

Shrekway, baby!

Shrek-Shrek revolution

The Shrek-AH-zon race

Shrek can't help falling in Louvre

Newf Shreks in the swamp

Jamaica me Shrek

I see Shrek...

Shrek's pieces

The Shrek files

Picnic at hanging Shrek

Sweden Shrek

Niagara Shrek

Chinese Shrek-out

African lying Shrek


Awwwwww, Shrek!

Planes, trains and hot Shrek mobiles

Hawaiian Shrek

Total Drama Revenge of the Island: 

Bigger!  Badder!  Shrekkier!

Truth or laser Shrek

Shrek Shrek baby

Finders Shrekkers

BackShrekkers ahoy!

Runaway Shrek

Shrek is a terrible thing to waste

The treasure swamp of Shrek

Grand Shrek auto

Up, up and away in my pitiful Shrek

Eat, puke and be Shrekky

The enchanted Shrek forest

Donkey vs Shrek: the ultimate showdown

Total Drama All Stars: 

Shrek vs Shrek

Evil Shrek

Saving private Donkey

Shrek fight

Shrek madness

No one eggspects Shrek's opposition

Suckers Shrek-ed

You regatta be Shrekking me

Shrek and ye shall find

The obsta-Shrek course

Sundae Shrekky sundae

The bold and the shrekky-ful

The final Shrekening

HAHAHA!  What do you think of these?  As for the users who came up with some of these, thank you :D you know who you are.

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