Hey people :)

So, I'm sure that all/most of you guys all have chosen birthdays for the cast.  Well, here's mine, with a little birthday scenario game added.  You don't have to follow it - feel free to post your own versions in the comments.  If you want to find where I got these from, then search 'birthday date memes' on google images, and it should be on the top row.  Find your own birthday as well, if you want.

WARNING: some of these are just too hilarious to even exist XDDD


January's scenario - switch lives with...

Leshawna (5th) - Lady Gaga (DAMN GURL)

Sugar (18th) - a werewolf (is that a good or bad thing?)

Rodney (27th) - Jackie Chan (So Rodney's an actor now...ok then) 

Anne Maria (31st) - Harry Potter (Anne Maria's a wizard!  And Harry's fabulous XD)

February's scenario - married to...

Lindsay (6th) - Yoshi (Who is Yoshi?  I don't know this stuff!) 


March's scenario - handcuffed (for life) to...

Mike (4th) - Nyan cat (um...ok?  WHO IS NYAN CAT D:)

Trent (9th) - Barack Obama (lel)

Noah (29th) - his mom (poor guy XD)

April's scenario - best friends with...

Cody (1st) - his best friend (Well, whaddaya know XD)

Dawn (10th) - Pikachu (aww :3)

Dave (21st) - Winnie the Pooh (LOL)

Leonard (26th) - a Pikmin (sorry but WHAT IS A PIKMIN???)

Harold (28th) - Spongebob (HECK YES!)

May's scenario - start a band with...

Gwen (2nd) - Mickey Mouse (haha XD)

Beardo (13th) - a teletubby (lol)

Beth (18th) - a werewolf (ok then...)

Sky (20th) - Kirby (Who?  I feel really dumb now...)

Ezekiel (31st) - Harry Potter (Sweet!)

June's scenario - stuck on an island with...

Scott (3rd) - Mario (hahahaha)

B (12th) - Bowser (who's Bowser :P)

Shawn (19th) - Cookie Monster (COOKIE ISLAND!  If it exists...naaaahhh XD)

Heather (26th) - a Pikmin (srsly)

July's scenario - host a TV show with...

Amy & Sammy (2nd) - Mickey Mouse (ha XD)

Brick (17th) - a mudkip (wut?)

Jo (21st) - Winnie the Pooh (hahahahahahahahahahaha)

Staci (30th) - Wall-E (lel)

August's scenario - sword fight with...

Sam (3rd) - Mario (EPIC!!!!)

Jasmine (8th) - a unicorn (wtf XD)

Tyler (11th) - Pacman (NO TYLER!  YOU'LL GET EATEN ALIVE!)

Eva (22nd) - Justin Bieber (Justin is SCREWED XDDD)

Izzy (23rd) - Chuck Norris (WHOA! :O That'll be a close one...)

September's scenario - create clones of...

Sierra (3rd) - Mario (It's a Mario world after all...XD)

Topher (8th) - a unicorn (hahaha)

Owen (20th) - Kirby (ok...)

Alejandro (29th) - his mom (lol XD)

October's scenario - mortal enemies with...

Courtney (7th) - Voldemort (uh-oh...)

Geoff (10th) - Pikachu (aw no...)

Katie & Sadie (22nd) - Justin Bieber (BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD brilliant!)

November's scenario - trapped in prison with...

Ella (4th) - Nyan cat (ok then)

Cameron (8th) - a unicorn (lol)

DJ (13th) - a teletubby (hahaha)

Scarlett (19th) - Cookie Monster (LOL)

Lightning (25th) - Santa (lol what did Santa do?)

Justin (30th) - Wall-E (hehehehehe)

December's scenario - replace the human population with...

Bridgette & Zoey (6th...yep, in this version these two have the same birthday) - Yoshi (wut?)

Dakota (16th) - Edward Cullen (uh...right then)

Max (23rd) - Chuck Norris (this could end badly XD)


So, that's it.  Have fun finding out yours XD oh, and before I go, I'm best friends with Jackie Chan (April 27th)

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