Ok, so I know that everyone will have made their TDWT song list, what they like, what they don't like, and I decided to do one myself. But this time I will be putting clues up and you have to guess the song. They will be put in a completely random order so it's not like the first one is my favorite. Anyway here it is!

(Note: Some might be hard to guess, and some might be downright obvious)

Song #1 - Eggcellent work challenge winner :P

Song #2 - There's only one thing I can say...MAN IS THIS SONG CATCHY!

Song #3 - Yeah, just keep singing and you won't get whipped...haha

Song #4 - If it wasn't for the solo at the end, someone's dream will not have come "true"

Song #5 - Well, what can I say? It didn't end the way it was planned to end

Song #6 - What would I like to do? Go to China!

Song #7 - I like this song not because of the reasoning behind it, I just find it kinda catchy, that's all

Song #8 - Heather probably had no idea that she was also going to get stuck sometime later in the series

Song #9 - Love the Russian theme. And LOL

Song #10 - For some weird reason this song reminds me of Justin Bieber's song with the same name

Songs #11 & #12 - Put these songs together cause they are similar

Song #13 - At first I thought they sang 'toast' instead of 'hosed' XD

Song #14 - Why does the name of this song have nothing to do with the song?

Song #15 - Uh, it was what you had to build...duh

Song #16 - I hate Alejandro as well, so...yeah. What she said.

Song #17 - :'(

Song #18 - Hard to get was the right way to go with this song

Song #19 - Next time, try singing it when you're not feeling groggy

Song #20 - Um...who's Alejandro's support soloist? Was it meant to be Courtney?

Song #21 - Ah, the wonders of authentic food...and cheating

Song #22 - One of the few songs of TDWT that actually includes proper verses and a chorus, which I think should have been repeated one more time - in a higher tone...and where exactly was this song sang at? Somewhere in the USA or Mexico, maybe?

Song #23 - Another sad(ish) song, although I don't find it sad

Song #24 - Up in the air :D

Song #25 - I want to go to this place some day :) and I won't find anything that I hate

Song #26 - And they saved it

Song #27 - Turns out she's not so famous after all

Song #28 - Haha sheep in the audience

Song #29 - Last song, so I will assume that you will know what it is :) here is a hint if you are stuck - it involves both competing and eliminated contestants

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