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  • Brightshadow15

    Hey people :)

    So, I'm sure that all/most of you guys all have chosen birthdays for the cast.  Well, here's mine, with a little birthday scenario game added.  You don't have to follow it - feel free to post your own versions in the comments.  If you want to find where I got these from, then search 'birthday date memes' on google images, and it should be on the top row.  Find your own birthday as well, if you want.

    WARNING: some of these are just too hilarious to even exist XDDD


    January's scenario - switch lives with...

    Leshawna (5th) - Lady Gaga (DAMN GURL)

    Sugar (18th) - a werewolf (is that a good or bad thing?)

    Rodney (27th) - Jackie Chan (So Rodney's an actor now...ok then) 

    Anne Maria (31st) - Harry Potter (Anne Mari…

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  • Brightshadow15

    Total Drama had many, many great moments, but which one is the ultimate?

    Your job: choose AT LEAST five of these, and whichever ones get the most votes move on to the next round.  These moments are either funny, awesome, or tense!

    DJ saying "Oh sh**" at the end of Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

    Harold's mad skillz in Dodgebrawl

    Harold's beat boxing in Not Quite Famous

    Beth standing up to Heather in Paintball Deer Hunter

    Duncan setting Chef off in Basic Straining

    Heather's top ripping off in X-Treme Torture

    Izzy and Chef's epic fist fight in Hide and Be Sneaky

    Lindsay telling Heather off in That's Off the Chain!

    Gwen defeating the killer in Hook, Line, and Screamer

    Mr Coconut in Camp Castaways

    Gwen and Heather working together in Are We There Yeti?


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  • Brightshadow15

    Hello people

    After a f***ing hilarious conversation with a few users, I decided to make a blog post about it.  Anything TD related will be referenced to Shrek.  Yep, Shrek.

    Those of you who were in the conversation, comment any that I forgot, or better Shrek-ified sayings.

    Hope you enjoy XD

    Total Drama Island:

    Set in Shrekanakwa


    Not so happy Shreks parts one and two

    The big Shrek

    Dodge Shrek

    Not quite Shrek

    The Shrekky outdoors

    Shrek factor

    Up Shrek's swamp

    Paintball Shrek hunter

    If you can't take the Shrek...

    Who can Shrek trust?

    Basic Shrekking

    X-treme Shrek

    Brunch of Shrekkiness

    No Shrek, no game

    Shrek and do not destroy

    Hide and be Shrekky

    That's off the Shrek!

    Hook, line and Shrek

    Shrekanakwa gone wild!

    Trial by tri-Shrek triathlon

    Haute Shrek-ture


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  • Brightshadow15

    Hey guys :)

    Just so you know, this is not a quiz thing, its just your opinion on which TD character you think you look most like and whose personality is most similar to yours.  It doesn't have to be exact, and it can be a mix of characters.

    Here's mine:

    Looks: Courtney.  This one's interesting - I actually look just like her!  Tan skin, medium length brown hair (it's curly, however).  I am quite tall though, so I don't know where I fit in there.  Definitely not as tall as Sierra, so maybe Heather's height (minus heels)

    Personality:  Mine's quite a mix.  I am pretty quiet at school, but I do have friends, and they think I'm really nice.  I also live on a farm.  So, I think I have a bit of either Zoey or Bridgette, in terms of niceness, and Bet…

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  • Brightshadow15

    Guess the TDWT song :D

    February 20, 2014 by Brightshadow15

    Ok, so I know that everyone will have made their TDWT song list, what they like, what they don't like, and I decided to do one myself. But this time I will be putting clues up and you have to guess the song. They will be put in a completely random order so it's not like the first one is my favorite. Anyway here it is!

    (Note: Some might be hard to guess, and some might be downright obvious)

    Song #1 - Eggcellent work challenge winner :P

    Song #2 - There's only one thing I can say...MAN IS THIS SONG CATCHY!

    Song #3 - Yeah, just keep singing and you won't get whipped...haha

    Song #4 - If it wasn't for the solo at the end, someone's dream will not have come "true"

    Song #5 - Well, what can I say? It didn't end the way it was planned to end

    Song #6 - …

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