Bye! Honestly Bye! I can't take this nonsense anymore! It's the wiki that upsets me, one individual in particular and no I'm not naming anyone. I'm not good enough to be anyone's friend? Great! I'm not good enough okay? I'll never make it anywhere in countdown simply because I'm a loser and no one loves me and they never will. I'm a horrible rotten person who is unappreciatetive of love and respect!! >:( I deserve to be alone because all I do is cry and whine and complain. I wouldn't do that if people like this would stop their nonsense and be nice to me but they never are! I am really upset and the wiki means a lot to me. Countdown means a lot to me. IRC used to mean a lot to me but how can I have fun there if the conversation is always childish and annoying and makes no damn sense? I can't! I have no want to even edit, no motivation. All I want to do is cry... I should just go..

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