I hate to have to go back to my old screenname but my new one isn't working for some reason. Their telling me I have an incorrect password and I swear I don't. How can I? I was just on last night! I'll probably be checking out the irc again soon if it doesn't scare me away. Being a newbie is hard work. Plus it's confusing. Like where does everyone else get those cool things like "this user really likes trent" and those cool profily things? I want one! I'm so new at this. I just got my laptop up and running on Tuesday night. I was so fascinated to see stuff on youtube. I saw CIT Princess, she is a lot like Courtney! And I finally got to see my pumkin at the tdi blog.  And my sister's baby was born on Tuesday, she named him Tommy. And I've got presents to wrap almost piled up to the ceiling so forgive me if I'm confused and stressed out. Actually I'm always stressed. It's one of my many Courtney-like traits.

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