so like I was on youtube the other day for one thing and Brian Froud answered his Harold question. I know, I know! What are the chances right? What was the question? What do I look like? Someone who goes around remebering everything I see and hear? But yeah. Also, Webkinz Mania is like the coolest most awesomest editor on the wiki. Just because. No one else is. I had to come here just for the purpose of one day getting to go to irc and chatting with him. Oooh yeahh. No one else here even knows what their doing, admit it guys. Our existence is worthless without Webkins Mania. The TDI blog is useless without Webkinz Mania, Total Drama needs him or it will cease to exist once and for all and we will all have to find something else to do, something else to like. Why, I don't know. I suppose we can all take up squaredancing, whittling, bird calls, crocodile hunting. Nooo! We need the wiki and the wiki doesn't need you, ha ha. Don't be silly. It' only needs Webkinz Mania!_! That photo of Chris saying "Chis Loves You!" Awww, they made that with the intention of only him seeing it. Chris doesn't love you guys, or me, eewww!

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