I've been here for a whole year already! Yeah I do believe it. I wish I have been doing better around here though and intended to. Let me say that over the next year I certainly promise to do that. The hope of becoming a rollback or admin someday will never happen if I just lay around and whine about it. Besides I'm way too old to be acting immature and should show more leadership around here. I'm sorry for being the way I am sometimes. Cranky. I get that way a lot. Going to really try and get the edits in and be here more often even in the irc. I do love it here and it's a joy talking with all of you! It's so hard to watch so many of you going away D: That makes me sad. I really hope no one else is planning on leaving anytime soon. *sigh* I'm not leaving, I'm staying right here! Yay!

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