I need to tell all of you users about how awesome Webkinz Mania is! Really! I don't think any of you understand the importance of this issue! He is so awesome!! Incredibly awesome, and I do I have this like giant poster on my wall to inspire me that says "Webkinz Mania is Awesome! Shouldn't You Be?" Of course that's ridiculous because no one can be THAT awesome! To be that awesome, well it's just impossible! Why, we should all be thankful that he is here as an editor, in our irc, as a user, Webkinz Mania! Whoo hoo! Let us keep in mind that February, as well as every other month of the year is Webkinz Mania month. It is so because he is so Awesome! You will never be successful like him, he is just better, cooler, and more awesome than you! Isn't that so Owen? Owen says, "AWESOME!"

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