What up what up :D So suprisingly, there has been a lot of talk about TDWT recently, about how screwy a lot of the eliminations/events were. I was thinking, hey, why don't we see how it would go if it was fan based? I will write a comment for the episode, and ask questions (eg. What team do you think should have lost? Who should have been eliminated? Should Duncan have returned?). I will take the most popular answers to fill in the outline here, to see the fans Total Drama:

Remaining Players:

  • Team Victory (4): Bridgette, Lindsay, DJ, Leshawna | Team Chris (3): Alejandro, Tyler, Noah | Team Amazon (4): Sierra, Heather, Gwen, Courtney

Currently Eliminated:

  1. Duncan-Walk Like An Egyptian- Quit when he got fed up with Courtney and Gwen's fighting
  2. Ezekiel- Super Happy Crazy Fun Time in Japan- Was annoying the team, with his constant bragging
  3. Cody- Anything Yukon Do I Can do Better- Gwen, Heather, and Courtney vote off Cody because he was distracting Sierra
  4. Owen- Slap Slap Revolution- His team was mad at him for eating the sausage meat'
  5. Harold- The Am-AHH-Zon Race- Made his team lose the challenge
  6. Izzy- Almost crashed the plane in Paris.

Episode Plots:

Walk Like an Egyptian Part-1: In Walk Like An Egyptian- Part 1, the contestants are introduced, and brought into Total Drama World Tour. They were shown around the plane, forced to sing Come Fly with Us, and then were brought to Egypt for their first challenge. Everyone went through the pyramid except Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Bridgette, Tyler, Alejandro and Lindsay. DJ passed an animal mummy dog, and was about to touch it when Leshawna stopped him and the group continued. DJ, Leshawna, Harold, Lindsay, Ezekiel and Bridgette were put on Team Victory. Alejandro was stopped, and put on Team Chris with Sierra, Owen, Tyler, and Noah. The final team consisted of Heather, Courtney, Gwen, Cody, and Ezekiel. Duncan ended up quitting, after being tired of Gwen and Courtney's constant arguing.

Walk Like an Egyptian Part-2: In the second episode, the challenge is a camel race to the Nile River. After the remaining contestants sing Lovin Time, they head into the Nile. Victory soon gets lost, as does Team Amazon. Team Chris is the first to find the Nile, and start building their raft. Eventually, Izzy talks to the camel, and the camel brings them to the Nile, and lastly Team Victory arrives. Izzy and Sierra decide to switch teams, and Chris allows it. The contestants sing Rowin Time as they are crossing the Nile, and Zeke uses the stick to successfully fend off the alligators. Despite this, Victory comes in last, and Amazon comes in first. Chris announces it is a non-elimination since every team crossed with their reward, and the contestants cheer.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time in Japan- In the third episode, the contestants first face off in a pinball challenge. Team Chris comes in first, when Alejandro uses his charm to win over the panda he was paired with. Team Amazon comes in last for the pinball challenge. The contestants have to go get materials and make a commercial to sell Candy Fishtails, and Team Amazon is left with the items nobody else wanted because they came in last in the first challenge. After Courtney, Gwen, and Heather get in an argument and ditch the commercial shooting, Cody and Sierra scrap something together, but ultimately end up coming in second. Team Chris's commercial wins, and Team Victory's commercial loses. Alejandro tries to get Harold to quit for his team by convincing him it would be the prideful thing to do, but is unsuccessful when Harold realizes he doesn't want to leave Leshawna in the game alone with Alejandro still around. Zeke ends up getting eliminated, because Bridgette, DJ, Leshawna, Lindsay, and Harold voted him for his constant bragging.

Anything Yukon Do I Can do Better- In the fourth episode, the contestants are dropped off in the Yukon. DJ wins the great iceberg race, winning the best sled for Team Victory. Team Amazon gets an average sled, when Courtney and Heather arrive first for Team Amazon, and Courtney ends up becoming the horse. Tyler ends up becoming the horse for the Team Chris sled. Bridgette falls and kisses Alejandro acidentally, but is clearly shown to be affected by the kiss. Alejandro tricks Bridgette into kissing the pole, causing her to sing Stuck to a Pole with Team Amazon as back up singers. When she sings "Will somebody pours warm water on my face?", Cody instinctively pours water on Bridgette's tongue, freeing her and angering his team. Team Victory then flies by and picks up Bridgette, and Alejandro is furious when he finds out that his plan failed. He decides to use it as an opportunity to vote off Cody, killing two birds with one stone (Sierra) and convinces Heather to tell her team to do so. After Team Amazon loses, Heather convinces Gwen and Courtney to spare Heather, because they will be able to vote her off later do to her unpopularity, and eliminate Cody for not being useful, and distracting Sierra. Alejandro grins when Cody is eliminated, saying One by One, they will all go down.

Broadway Baby!- In Broadway Baby, the contestants are dropped off in New York City. Their first challenge is to climb the statue of liberty, grab your team's baby carriage, and fireman's pole back down to their teams boat and ride to Central Park. Sierra at first is depressed that Cody was eliminated, but begins to fangirl over all of the remaining contestants. Team Amazon makes it up the statue and down to their boat first, with Heather retrieving the carriage. Team Victory finishes second, with DJ retrieving it. Team Chris is stuck trying to bring up Owen, and Izzy ends up getting the carriage. Team Amazon has to turn the boat around, when a fangirling Sierra falls out of the boat. Team Victory ends up arriving at central park first, with Chris in second, and Amazon in last. Alejandro and Heather spend a lot of the episode fighting over Sierra, each outwitting the other various times. Sierra develops a hatred for Alejandro, because she believes he doesn't deserve to be in the game. The contestants sing What's Not to Love, as they head to turtle pond to bob for giant apples. Team Victory ends up winning, and Team Chris comes in last, when Heather switches Team Chris's baby carriage with a woman's. Team Victory wins the reward, but Leshawna decides to throw out the meat grinder, finding it "too offensive" to be a reward due to it's low quality.

The Aftermath I: TBC

Slap Slap Revolution: In Slap Slap Revolution, the contestants are dropped off in the Alps and forced to sing Eine Kleine. During the song, Alejandro flirts with Leshawna, Gwen and Courtney are excited that they will eliminate Heather first chance they get, and Lindsay remembers Tyler. Tyler screams in excitement about Lindsay remembering him, causing an avalanche and sending everyone to the bottom of the mountain. Their challenge is to make sausage. Owen ends up eating all of Team Chris's, and Sierra was still so heartbroken over Cody, she built a meat cody that ended up going down the hill. Team Victory is mad at Leshawna for throwing out their reward, but they still end up with the best actual sausage. Team Chris rides Owen, and Team Amazon makes a snowboard. Chris ends up coming in first, Victory in second, and Amazon in third. The dancers for victory are Leshawna and DJ, for Chris they are Noah, Owen, and Alejandro, and for Amazon they are Courtney, Heather and Sierra. After dancing for a while, the elimination rounds begin. Leshawna beats Noah, Sierra beats DJ, Heather beats Owen, and Alejandro beats Courtney. In the final 4 round, Leshawna ends up beating Sierra, and Heather beats Alejandro. Leshawna jumps off in the final, slapping Heather angrily, making Amazons the winners. Team Chris still loses for having all their members eliminated first, and Team Chris votes off Owen for eating their sausage meat.

The Am-AHH-Zon Race- The contestants visit the amazon rain forest, and Gwen curses her team by saying that it might be lucky that they are there since they are Team Amazon. Sierra is starting to get creepier, finding opportunities to stalk the contestants at all times. There are two paths, Team Victory and Team Chris go left, and although TD expert Sierra suggest to go left as well, Gwen picks right so the Amazons go right. They are captured by the Zing-Zings, and forced to sing In This Mess. It ends with a rap from Gwen. Eventually though, Heather gets out because she looks like their god and they all break free. Alejandro ends up leaving Noah behind, telling the others they have to keep going, but in fact Noah was attacked by the caterpillars at night and cocooned up and no one but Alejandro saw. Eventually, Team Chris gets there first, but has to turn back to find Noah. Harold aggravates a swarm of red ants, after he kicks their ant hill while trying to impress Leshawna. This causes a big setback for Team Victory. Team Amazon finds the treasure, and comes in first, and Team Chris ends up coming in second because they were closer to Machu Pichu. Team Victory votes off Harold, for his incident with the red ant hill.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre- The contestants are dropped off in Paris, France (well almost crashed thanks to Izzy) at night, and are brought outside the Louvre. They are each given a statue to reassemble, and they go off. Bridgette and Leshawna get distracted by Alejandro, and DJ is busy admiring other art, leaving Lindsay dragging the pieces by herself. Bridgette snaps out of it and goes to help her, but before she can help, Tyler beats her too it. This angers Alejandro, saying he can't help someone on the other team unless there is a strategic point to it. Team Amazon and Team Chris end up bumping into eachother, causing their pieces to be put in a big pile. This gives Lindsay and Bridgette (since Alejandro dragged Tyler away) time to finish the statue and win for Team Victory. Team Amazon ends up being the next finished, when Sierra states that it was her favorite piece of art so she remembers the pieces and how they go. Throughout the episode, Sierra has been mad at Cody rather than sad, stating she can't believe he left her alone in the game. Team Chris comes in last. Tyler begs Alejandro to save him, and not vote him out, and Alejandro gives in because he does kind of like Tyler. Chris announces a twist, that Team Victory and Team Amazon will be voting on who goes home today. Chris then says the votes will be revealed. Alejandro is shocked when Bridgette votes for him, thinking he had her under his control. He also receives votes from Sierra, and Heather. Izzy receives majority of the remaining votes for almost crashing the plane, and she gets eliminated.

Newf Kids On the Rocks- The contestants are brought to Chris's homeland, Newfoundland. They land in the water, and when Lindsay reveals she can't swim very well, Tyler comes over and helps her. She makes sure everyone knows that Tyler was back in the game, and they acted surprised (although they knew he had been, but figured going along with it was easier). Chris announces the challenge, and the contestants begin. Bridgette and DJ row for Team Victory, Tyler and Noah for Team Chris, and Sierra and Courtney for Team Amazon. Despite Heather's insisting it was a bad idea to pull over, Gwen and Courtney do when they think they see Duncan. By the time they make it back, they were put in last place. For the first part of the challenge, gulping the vinegar, DJ does it for Victory and Alejandro for Chris. Both gag, but do it. Then comes the translating, and Bridgette and Lindsay do it for Victory and Noah for Chris. When Lindsay excitedly says she knows where the bathroom was (because she thought Chris's cousin was gurgling water and was asking where to spit it out), her and Brigette pass that part of the challenge. Noah gets the one after. Leshawna and Tyler then kiss the cod, and when Lindsay discovers Tyler imagined kissing her, she actually does kiss him. The teams end up tieing, and both getting to go to first class. Chris brings the Amazons to elimination, and they all vote, but Chris reveals it is a fake elimination, and says Courtney would have gone home but won't tell them the votes. This angers Courtney, and Chris signs off.

Jamaican Me Sweat-


Episode Your Way Regular My Way
Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1 Duncan- Quit Duncan- Quit None
Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2 None Ezekiel Ezekiel
Super Happy Crazy Fun Time in Japan Ezekiel Harold- Quit Harold
Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better Cody Bridgette None
Broadway, Baby! None None Gwen
Slap Slap Revolution Owen Leshawna Duncan
The Am-AH-Zon Race Harold None Courtney
Can't Help Falling In Louvre Izzy Lindsay Owen
Newf Kids On the Rock None None None
Jamaican Me Sweat TBA DJ + Izzy DJ + Izzy
I See London... Noah (Duncan Returns) Tyler (Courtney Returns)
Greece's Pieces None None
The Ex-Files Tyler Leshawna
Picnic at Hanging Rock Gwen Noah
Sweden Sour None None
Niagara Brawls (Merge) Owen (Blaineley Intro'ed) Courtney
Chinese Fake-Out Blaineley + Courtney Blaineley + Lindsay
African Lying Society Duncan (2) None
Rapa-Phooey! None Sierra
Aww, Drumheller! Sierra- DQ'ed Bridgette
Planes, Trains, And Hot Air Mobiles None None
Hawaiian Punch Cody and Heather Cody and Alejandro
Winner Alejandro Heather


Walk Like An Egyptian Part 1- Voting Ends 8/12, 8 PM EST:

  • Does DJ receive the animal curse?:
    • Current Tally: Yes: 6 | No: 11
    • Final Result: No
  • Does Duncan quit?:
    • Current Tally: Yes: 15 | No: 2
    • Final Result:Yes
  • Is Alejandro put on Team Victory for finishing with Lindsay and Bridgette?:
    • Current Tally: Yes: 8 | No: 9
    • Final Result: No

Walk Like An Egyptian Part 2-

  • Do Izzy and Sierra switch teams?
    • Current Tally: Yes: 13 | No: 8
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Does Ezekiel lose the reward?
    • Current Tally: Yes: 4 | No: 17
    • Final Result: No
  • What team should lose?
    • Current Tally: Team Victory: 7 | Team Amazon: 7 | Team Chris: 1 | None: 8
    • Final Result: None
  • Who should be eliminated?
    • Current Tally: Ezekiel: 4 | Courtney: 7 | Izzy: 2 | Nobody: 8
    • Final Result: Nobody

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time in Japan

  • Should Chef have picked Team Amazon's bad commercial to win?
    • Current Tally: Yes: 4| No: 8
    • Final Result: No
  • Should Chef have picked Team Victory's samurai commercial to lose?
    • Current Tally: Yes: 8| No: 4
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Should Harold have quit, or just let DJ get eliminated? Would you want DJ or Zeke eliminated if Harold didn't quit (if you think Harold should have quit, don't answer)?
    • No- Zeke: 4 | No- DJ: 3 | Yes: 2| N/A: 3
    • Final Result: Zeke
  • If you think a different team should have lost, who should have been eliminated?
    • Final Result: Question Nulled

​Anything Yukon Do I can do Better

  • Should Bridgette end up kissing Alejandro?
    • No: 6 | Yes: 8
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Should Bridgette have ended up getting stuck to the pole?
    • Yes: 8 | No: 6
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Should Team Amazon have lost (because Team Victory actually had Bridgette)
    • Yes: 12| No: 3
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Who should have been eliminated from the team you think should have lost?
    • Cody: 4 | Gwen: 3 | Heather: 3 | Courtney: 1 | Stayed the Same (Bridgette): 2 | Team Chris (Izzy): 2
    • Team that ends up losing based on above: Team Amazon
    • Final Result: Cody

​Broadway Baby!

  • Should Chris have made it an elimination episode instead of reward?
    • Yes: 6 | No: 10
    • Final Result: No
  • Should Team Chris have come in last still?
    • Yes: 15 | No: 1
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Should Team Victory have won (noting they had the shortest path)?
    • Yes: 14 | No: 2
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Should Sierra become obsessed with all the contestants now that Cody is gone?
    • Yes: 10 | No: 6
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Pick a player from all three teams who you would want to eliminate.
    • Team that eliminates someone: None
    • Team Amazon
      • Courtney: 5 | Gwen: 4 | Heather :1 | Sierra: 2
    • Team Victory
      • Bridgette: 1 | Harold: 4 | DJ: 5 | Leshawna: 1
    • Team Chris
      • Alejandro: 5 | Owen: 6 | Tyler: 3 | Izzy: 1

Slap Slap Revolution

  • Should Lindsay end up remembering Tyler in this episode?
    • Yes: 21 | No: 4
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Should Leshawna jump off and slap Heather?
    • Yes: 13 | No: 12
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Should Team Victory still lose for Leshawna jumping off?
    • Yes: 7 | No: 18
    • Final Result: No
  • Pick one player from each team to be eliminated.
    • Team that ends up losing: Team Chris
    • Team Amazon:
      • Courtney: 8 | Gwen: 6 | Heather: 2 | Sierra: 4
    • Team Chris:
      • Alejandro: 6 | Izzy: 2 | Noah: 3 | Owen: 8 | Tyler: 3
    • Team Victory:
      • Bridgette: 2 | DJ: 6 | Harold: 7 | Leshawna: 8 | Lindsay: 1
    • Eliminated: Owen

The A-Mah-zon race

  • Should Team Victory come in first?
    • Yes: 13 | No: 14
    • Final Result: No
  • Should Alejandro ditch Noah, like he did to Owen?
    • Yes: 17 | No: 9
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Should Team Amazon get captured by the zing-zings?
    • Yes: 16 | No: 10
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Should Chris make it a fake elimination, or real?
    • Real: 19 | Fake: 7
    • Final Result: Real
  • If you have Amazon not losing, who should?
    • Team Amazon: 8 | Team Chris: 8 | Team Victory: 9
    • Final Result:
  • Pick one player from each team to eliminate.
    • Team that ends up losing: Team Victory
    • Team Amazon
      • Sierra: 4 | Heather: 2 | Gwen: 8 | Courtney: 9
    • Team Chris
      • Alejandro: 8 | Tyler: 4 | Noah: 3 | Izzy: 10
    • Team Victory
      • Harold: 8 | Bridgette: 2 | Leshawna: 3 | Lindsay: 3 | DJ: 7
    • Eliminated: Harold

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

  • Should Sierra find another love interest in France?
    • Yes: 7 | No: 13
    • Final Result: No
  • Should something happen between Leshawna and Alejandro in France?
    • Yes: 7 | No: 13
    • Final Result: No
  • Should there still be a modeling tiebreaker challenge?
    • Yes: 12 | No: 8
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Which team should win the challenge?
    • Team Victory: 11 | Team Amazon: 5 | Team Chris: 3
    • Final Result: Team Victory
  • Which team should lose the challenge?
    • Team Victory: 2 | Team Amazon: 8 | Team Chris: 10
    • Final Result: Team Chris
  • Pick one player from each team to be eliminated.
    • Team that ends up losing: Team Chris
    • Team Amazon:
      • Courtney: 9 | Gwen: 6 | Heather: 1 | Sierra: 2
    • Team Chris:
      • Alejandro: 6 | Izzy: 8 | Tyler: 3 | Noah: 3
    • Team Victory:
      • Bridgette: 2 | Leshawna: 7 | Lindsay: 3 | DJ: 6
    • Eliminated: Izzy

Newf Kids on the Rocks

  • Should this challenge be a reward challenge or elimination?
    • Reward: 8 | Elimination: 5
    • Final Result: Reward
  • If you could make a team swap here (like how Alejandro almost merged Chris and DJ), would you?
    • Yes: 0 | No: 13
    • Final Result: No
  • If yes, who would you swap?
    • Final Result: N/A
  • Should any Tyler and Lindsay plot happen here?
    • Yes: 13 | No: 0
    • Final Result: Yes
  • Which team should win?
    • Victory: 5 | Amazon: 1 | Chris: 7
    • Final Result: Team CIRRRH
  • Which team should lose?
    • Victory: 4 | Amazon: 9 | Chris: 0
    • Final Result: Team Amazon
  • Pick one player from each team you would want to eliminate.
    • Team that ends up losing: Team Amazon
    • Team Amazon:
      • Courtney: 8 | Sierra: 1 | Gwen: 3 | Heather: 0
    • Team Chris:
      • Noah: 3 | Alejandro: 6 | Tyler: 4
    • Team Victory:
      • Leshawna: 6 | Bridgette: 2 | Lindsay: 0 | DJ: 5
    • Eliminated: None

Jamaican Me Sweat

  • Should a contestant be eliminated due to injury?
  • If So, Who?
  • Should DJ still have kept Irene, even though he was never cursed?
  • Should Courtney get mad at Gwen for assuming she voted her off, or continue on the road to friendship?
  • Which team should come in first?
  • Which team should come in last?
  • Pick one person from each team to be eliminated.

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