That's right everyone, I am hitting my two year today as well xD I guess I could talk some about me, I am an admin, I have a fair amount of edits, I have participated in a ton of wiki competitions, and have made a lot of friends. None of that would be possible though without you all, and there are shout-outs that I need to make. Some of the users are gone, but some are still here. There is one big one, and multiple other important ones. They will go alphabetically besides my biggest shoutout: Neko-naito

Neko has seriously gotten me through so much, and I don't know if I would be here today without her (on the wiki, not like not alive xD). She is an amazing user, even if she can be a bit sarcastic sometimes (mmhm >.>) and is so much fun to be around and talk to. I am going to bake her a casserole. Alright here are the rest of the shoutouts:

  • Addict: I am glad that we made a breakthrough the other day, we have gone through a lot together
  • Ale-Alejandro: You have always been there for me, and we got married, and yeah that is all
  • BB: BB is an awesome user, who is fun to talk to and has always supported me through thick and thin
  • Bigez: Oh how I love my father, he is so much fun to talk to, and one of the best admins we have here
  • CD-TDA: CD is awesome, and while I miss her coming on the IRC I am sure that gives her more time to do more great things on the wiki
  • Comic-strip: He is gone too, but he was also one of my really good friends
  • DJ_Fan: Per above, he has left as well but has always been there for me
  • Gleek: Not like you are reading this, but I wanted to make it clear to others how awesome you are
  • Indi: Even though you are new, you have really impacted my experience in a positive way
  • Ishni: Per Gleek's, you have always helped me get through things
  • Missy: You have always been cheerful and fun to talk to
  • Musou: I know, everyone is all *gasp Musou*, but honestly you were my role model, and I miss you as well
  • Mygeto: Another user I have always looked up to, and is an awesome friend
  • N3: You have always worked hard for this wiki, and I used that to motivate myself, plus you are always happy which I admire in a person
  • Nalyd: You have always been a role model for me, and have helped me be motivated to achieve where I am today
  • Ryan: Sure we have had our ups and downs, but you have always managed to stay a good friend of mine, and I am glad for that
  • TDA15: Like Ryan, even though we have had our ups and downs all and all you have remained a good friend of mine
  • TDF: Even though you lie about being Irish, because I know you are Malaysian, you are an awesome user
  • Temi: You are an amazing working and really kind, and I really respect that and am glad we are friends
  • Webkinz: Where-ever you are I am sure you are doing great things, you are a hard worker and we miss you
  • Zobe: Your art is literally amazing, and you are one of my really good friends on the wiki and I am proud of that

Sorry if you aren't listed, I probably forgot about you because I am forgetful, but don't ask for a shout-out if I truly don't know you xD Thanks everyone for everything :)

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