Wiki-Lympics Host- Nalyd Renrut (Has Agreed but unsure about times) Score Keeper- AJ

What is It?: A competition. It's the TDI Fanfiction Wiki, vs. the TDI Camps wiki vs. the Total Drama Wiki. Instead of winning medals, you win userboxes.

First in an event: Gold Userbox

Second in an event: Silver Userbox

Third in an event: Bronze Userbox

Dates: Sunday, July 31st- Saturday, August 5th

Sunday- 9 PM EST- Opening Ceremony- Held in Chatango/IRC-Marks the Officiial Beginning of the Games

Monday- 5 PM EST- Writing Challenge is given Monday- 6 PM EST - 10 PM EST- Roleplay- Part 1

Tuesday- 5 PM EST- Art Challenge is given Tuesday- 6 PM EST- 10 PM EST- Roleplay Part 2

Wednesday- 12 PM EST- Truth or Dare Elimination Wednesday- 6 PM EST- 8 PM EST- Improv-a-thon

Thursday- 5 PM EST- Writing Challenge is due Thursday- 6 PM EST-8 PM EST- TD Quiz Bowl

Friday- 5 PM EST- Art Challenge is due Friday- 6 PM EST - 7 PM EST- Mafia Game

Saturday- 7 PM EST- Awards Ceremony- Winner is announced, Userboxes awarded Satuday- 8 PM EST- Closing Ceremony

Writing Challenge: Judges: Neko, Reddy, LF (LF and Neko have Agreed)

Amount of Contestants: 3 Per Wiki

Art Challenge: Judges: Kate, Musou (Kate has Agreed)

Amount of Contestants: 4 Per Wiki

Trivia Bowl: Host: KG

Amount of Contestants:5 Per Wiki

Roleplay: Host: Ryan

Amount of Contestants: 6 Per Wiki

Truth or Dare: Elimination Host: Webkinz Mania

Amount of Contestants: 6 Per Wiki

Improv-a-thon: Host: Undecided

Amount of Contestants: 8 Per Wiki (Different Events within it)

Mafia Host: Ryan

Amount of Contestants: 5 Per Wiki

How your wiki will determine the athletes: Your wiki gets to decide. You can either have sign ups, or have admins recruit an all-star team. Once the athletes are decided, please comment with the final list on this blog or get it to me somehow! Thanks everyone :D Bridgette_dj10 im winning this timeee 03:07, July 22, 2011 (UTC)

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