Hello everybody :) AJ here! Ok so as we all know, the wiki has an IRC where many users go. This blog is meant to bring in more users :) Its really fun! Although people believe that the IRC is just some drama filled chat, it is so much fun! You get to meet a ton of wiki users, talk about total drama, and just goof around!! Can't access it? Ask one of our tech geniuses or someone who uses webchat! There are lots of alternative solutions! The more users we have, the more games, role-plays, fun discussions, and awesome times we have :D you may think it's intimidating, but there are lots of nice users that will welcome you, to name a few:

LandryC- Will always happily greet newcomers! Is super lovable and is fun to talk to!

CD- She may be crazy and unpredictable, but man she makes the IRC fun

Webby- An awesome welcomed who is so friendly he will make you feel at home

Ishni- A bubbly user who will always put a smile on your face :)

So yeah, if you have been intimidated? Give it a try :) tech issues? Bb and KG would be great people to help you! Just go for it and you will have a lot of fun :) thanks for reading!!!

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