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    Two Years

    July 14, 2012 by Bridgette dj10

    That's right everyone, I am hitting my two year today as well xD I guess I could talk some about me, I am an admin, I have a fair amount of edits, I have participated in a ton of wiki competitions, and have made a lot of friends. None of that would be possible though without you all, and there are shout-outs that I need to make. Some of the users are gone, but some are still here. There is one big one, and multiple other important ones. They will go alphabetically besides my biggest shoutout: Neko-naito

    Neko has seriously gotten me through so much, and I don't know if I would be here today without her (on the wiki, not like not alive xD). She is an amazing user, even if she can be a bit sarcastic sometimes (mmhm >.>) and is so much fun to b…

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  • Bridgette dj10

    By the way...

    June 1, 2012 by Bridgette dj10

    So by the way guys, I am in Austria right now on a dinosaur computer because I am on an exchange trip, this means for the next two weeks my activity will be greatly lessened, so just a heads up! I will continue the fan favorites contest when I return to the states, and Aimers\Jax tell Duke he is in charge of TOTC briefly

    Thanks everyone :)

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  • Bridgette dj10

    Hey everyone! It's AJ here, so I am posting this blog for one reason, that Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is soon airing in the United States. Exciting right? Well just because a ton of us (probably almost everyone) has seen the whole season, that doesn't mean don't watch it at home. The more viewers, good reviews, higher ratings, the better chance we have at seeing a Season 5 with all our favorites back (whether it be the generation one cast, the generation two cast, or both)

    I know a lot of users are beginning to die out, which is exactly the opposite of what is needed right now. Sure there isn't much to do, but there are always edits to make, and stuff to do. Even games, which is another part of the blog (see Fan Favorite Battle: Boy…

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  • Bridgette dj10

    The Gilded Wiki Awards

    February 18, 2012 by Bridgette dj10

    Hey, what's up, guys? So, over the past week, several different users have gotten together to create one of the most exciting events in wiki history; the Gilded Wiki Awards! Below this paragraph are thirty categories, and various users nominated for each one. Now, it's up to you, the voters, to pick a winner. Please vote and comment; the results will be posted the following week.

    Also, if you are not nominated for a category that you think you should be nominated for, please do not take offense. This is all in good nature and nothing is meant to be taken seriously.

    • Honorable Mention: Aimers, with three votes, Bridgette dj10, with four votes, Mygeto, with zero votes, and TotalDramaAddict, with one vote!
    • Third Place: CD-TDA, with seven votes!
    • Second Place: Bigez…

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  • Bridgette dj10

    What If?...

    November 16, 2011 by Bridgette dj10

    You know what I have been wondering recently? How would the team picking in Total Drama Action go Gwen and Trent could have picked from all 25 contestants (i.e. also able to pick Sierra, Alejandro, Geoff, Bridgette, Blaineley, Courtney, Cody, Tyler, Ezekiel, Eva, Katie, Sadie and Noah)?

    Also, if another couple were both deemed captains what their first pick would be (schoolyard style of course)

    On the first part, here is my opinion on how the picking would go:

    Gwen: Duncan- Same reason as in TDA

    Trent: Lindsay- Same reason as in TDA

    Gwen: Leshawna- Best Friends

    Trent: Justin- Same reason as in TDA

    Gwen: DJ- Good Friends

    Trent: Beth- Friends in TDI

    Gwen: Bridgette- Good Friends

    Trent: Cody- Friends in TDI

    Gwen: Geoff- Good Friends as of end of TDI


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